CoolSculpting vs Cryopolisis: Everything you Need to Know

CoolSculpting vs Cryopolisis: Everything you Need to Know

We have seen these two concepts in several articles on this page. Sometimes we can confuse them or use them in different situations. If you are confused, you are in the right place. Stay to read CoolSculpting vs Cryopolisis: Everything you need to know

Is coolsculpting and cryopolisis the same?

The first thing we should know is that these two terms used to refer to the same treatment. Cryopolisis is the technique of removing fat through cold. That is the concept. This method discovered by scientists at Harvard University. These scientists were the ones who gave it that name. But today, several methods developed that based on the same principles.

But, CoolSculpting is a refinement technique. It is the same original method proposed by Harvard scientists. They decided to name the system CoolSculpting to reduce localized fat. This is a machine to apply cold to the human body.
Those in charge of this treatment were the Zeltiq team. The technique and machinery were so approved by the FDA and the European Community. 

This rectifies the safety of the treatment. Before undergoing any aesthetic treatment, it is critical that each individual check see. If it approved large organizations, which ensures that the treatment is risk-free.


It is a specialized technology based on cold application. The temperature used ranges between (-5) degrees and (-10) degrees and applied. In the area where the adipose tissue located to destroy the fat cells called adipocytes. When these cells come into contact with the cold, they freeze, an action that eliminates the accumulated fat under the skin.

This treatment performed on different parts of the body. Most commonly the abdomen, legs, and buttocks, and each treatment lasts approximately 1 hour, depending on the size of the area to treated.


The CoolSculpting can generate visible results to drop fat, without the need for surgery, this is one of the best advantages. Besides, several scientific studies have proven its efficacy and safety. There are many patients who give veracity of the treatment. Come to our Spa in Chicago and ask about the treatment. Here we will give you the best advice.

CoolSculpting vs Cryopolisis: Everything you need to know

CoolSculpting vs Cryopolisis: Everything you need to know

The first day after starting treatment, the effect will be obvious. The number of sessions depends on the areas that need improvement. If the area where the technique applied has a very thick layer of fat, more than 3 treatments. Will be necessary in the same area tendte the fatty tissue.
Not everyone gets the same results, some will see them sooner than others, but the changes are always positive. This method shown to remove between 15% and 45% of fat per session. And these percentages will increase if you opt for more sessions. For greater effect and duration, an exercise routine and a balanced diet should considered.