Dermaplane with Peel in Chicago

Dermaplane with Peel in Chicago - A great way to rejuvenate your skin

Taking care of one’s skin is never an easy task, however, that is why Spas like us are here to offer you the best options to pamper yourself. One of the best facial treatments we offer is Dermaplane and while it on its own is great we also offer it with Peels.  Peels are often used as part of the treatment to remove those age lines and acne scars that are in your skin. A non-invasive procedure you shouldn’t skip. A process to remove dead skin with a professional surgical blade. We recommend it for smooth surface skin, followed by the Peel after exfoliating. Book your treatment today!

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Why do Dermaplane and Peels go together?

Usually, these treatments are done separately, however, they go together quite nicely. Let’s begin with Dermaplane. Dermaplane focuses on removing most of what the outer layer of the skin has. It is focused on taking care of that dry skin that has accumulated. Another thing that Dermaplane removes is what we often call ‘peach fuzz’. Once that is done we start with the Peels. Peels take care of everything else. Now that Dermaplane has done its job the Peels take care of the more difficult parts of the skin, targeting age lines, acne scars, and such. With these two treatments applied at the same time, you will see how wonderful they are in no time.

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