Pamper yourself with our back-to-school specials

Pamper yourself with our back-to-school specials

Pamper Yourself with our Back-to-School Specials

It is that time of the year already. Kids are ready to go back to school. We know how crazy the first day of school usually goes. Even after that, nobody is a big fan of Mondays, we all crave for Fridays, don’t we? Well, we are aware of the toll that school takes on one’s body. Driving the kids to school, picking them up, doing homework. While it is a rewarding task we can’t help but admit it also stresses. Pamper yourself with our back-to-school-specials and get yourself ready for the crazy days. All our treatments have a $100 off discount.

pamper yourself with our back to school

Amaze others!

We all know that the first day of school in a new term is a great way to show off a change of look. Here in Elite Chicago Spa, we have the best Coolsculpting in Chicago. If you are busy and are looking to lose some weight, this treatment is for you. Remember that this procedure is one of the safest there are. It takes 30 minutes and requires no anesthesia. Take advantage of your time and come get one.

The Best Massage Spa in Chicago

What better way to return than in a full state of relaxation? Here we have the greatest massage in Chicago. If you are looking to either be prepared or come back once school starts, we are here for you. We have the nicest and most professional people in the spa to give you the best treatment.

Lip Fillers in Chicago


Another great thing we have in store for you is our lip augmentation procedure. While it might sound scary, it is not! Our treatment is completely safe. It is an amazing process where we can smooth your lips and boost their volume. It is one of the most requested and famous procedures. All to achieve those aesthetic goals you want.


Take advantage and pamper yourself with our back-to-school-specials. Get ready by being fully relaxed.

pamper yourself with our back to school specials