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Thread Lift in Chicago: A less invasive face lift

We know that not all cosmetic surgeries do their job. In addition, not all people are willing to submit to the scalpel. The Thread Lift in Chicago promises to be different. The thread lift seeks to make facial corrections virtually invisible.

thread lift a less invasive face lift

How does thread lift in Chicago works?

The procedure is through the introduction of special microneedles with very thin threads below the skin.

When the needles are removed, the threads are unwound and stretched to tighten the complexion.

What are the benefits of Thread Lift?

It proposes multiple benefits:

-Rejuvenate, making the skin look firmer.

-Define the face contour.

-It leaves no scar.

-No general anesthesia is needed.

What are the expected results?

It offers optimal results and it is effective in eliminating wrinkles in those who experience early signs of aging.

The effects of stretching can last from one to several years, depending on each patient.

To know whether you are a good candidate for this procedure please fill out the form and  our staff will contact you. 

What about Price of thread lift in Chicago?

The price will depend on several factors, although it is usually much cheaper than any treatment that should be done with surgery. We invite you to contact us to know our plans and prices.

Make the most of your treatment

Thread lifting is a low risk procedure and it has a very short recovery time, this makes possible  to be combined with other procedures in order to create more complete and remarkable results.

Possible risks and complications

If the treatment is performed by a specialist, the procedure is very safe.

Among the minor side effects are subtle bruises, and muscle weakness and swelling in the treated area. This effects can last few days.