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3 Effective anti aging skin tightening treatments in 2020

We are always trying to look better and younger. It is natural to fight against aging. In this way we can feel better with ourselves. That is why today we bring to you 3 effective anti aging treatments.

Face Skin Care.


This is one of the favorite tightening treatments.

Radio frequency is excellent for treating neck and jowls.

The secret is that radiofrequency energy hits the collagen under the skin surface, these helps creating more collagen in a natural way. The most collagen you produce, the younger you will look.

But if you do not only want to look younger but you want to get rid of that undesired fat, you can’t always get a radio frequency systems lipolysis.

This kind of RF treats the inside and the outside of your skin. While the radio frequency is helping to produce collagen the heat liquefies the fat.

The procedure is very simple. This uses just a tiny puncture to access a deeper level of the skin, and the results will appear gradually during the following 6 weeks.

Today’s technology allows to use radio frequency for tightening different parts of your body.

Now you can eliminate the excess of skin in your tummy, arms, or tights. This procedure is called inmode’s bodytite.

This is a kind or RF treatment but the doctor uses local anesthesia

He makes an incisions and introduces a straw under the skin. Fortunately there won’t be scars because the incision is really small.

This is a kind of liposuction,but with the benefits of a skin tightening

Ultrasound skin tightening

These treatment uses sound waves to activate collagen storages located under the skin’s surface, and in this way you get skin tightening.

You can tighten your chin, neck, and brow.

The sound waves will penetrate depending on how the doctor focuses the Energy.


This is an anti-aging procedure that allows you to combine different procedures with only one device; for example, you can get microneedling, radiofrequency, and laser therapy at the same time.

Both, micro-needling in radiofrequency stimulates collagen. This procedure is mainly used in the neck and in the face, but fortunately it can be used in different parts of the body such as hands, knees, and abdomen.

With this treatment you can get a more radiant and smooth skin almost immediately.

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