Get to know Coolsculpting
Get To Know Coolsculpting

Get to know Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is a procedure performed in aesthetic clinics that has attracted attention in recent years, especially because it has been patented as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Get to know Coolsculpting procedure, which consists of freezing adipose cells that do not respond to exercise and changing eating habits.

It is characterized by not requiring anesthesia, medication or a period of disability. Patients can see results, which usually appear between 2 and 5 months after treatment. This treatment removes between 25 and 40% of the fat in the treated area, however, it is often necessary to repeat the procedure in the future.

Before starting a Coolsculpting treatment in an aesthetic clinic, patients must undergo a very simple preparation. Which consists mainly of stopping the intake of any anticoagulant medications, anti-inflammatory, aspirin and fish oil-based supplements. It is extremely important that the patient consult with his doctor about the medications that must be suspended before starting a coolsculpting treatment.

In the first consultation, patients must provide their medical history to the professional who will perform the procedure. In this way it will be evaluated if the patient is apt to receive the treatment without any exceptional risk. Additionally, patients should be close to their ideal weight before undergoing treatment.

In aesthetic clinics, coolsculpting is indicated for contouring the body, so that it can only be applied to people who have some accumulation of fat in areas where it is difficult to eliminate these fatty deposits. For this reason, it works very well as a complement to more drastic treatments such as liposuction.

Although it is virtually painless, some patients may report discomfort and numbness in the treated area, especially at the time of cold application. Many also experience slight punctures and tugging when fat cells are removed, however, symptoms of discomfort during and after the procedure are usually minimal.

The practice of coolsculpting has expanded widely in many aesthetic clinics around the world, so it is important that aesthetic medicine professionals and the general public have knowledge about this alternative procedure. Learn more about our specialists in Aesthetic Medicine.

How to find the best coolsculpting treatment in Chicago?

With so many qualified and diverse aesthetic centers in Chicago, it can be hard to choose. When searching for the best coolsculpting in Chicago make sure to visit each facility. Every center should provide you with a complimentary evaluation. Additionally, make sure to review before and after patient photos. Most importantly be state your expectations from the start. 

Get to know Coolsculpting treatment and its incredible results in our medical spa center. You can contact us for more information, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, we are located in the city of Chicago.