Microderm + Enzyme

What is a Microderm + Enzyme facial?

If you are looking for a facial treatment that will facilitate the hydration and renewal of your skin, a Microderm + Enzyme facial is what you need. It is a combination of Microdermabrasion with enzymes that focus on exfoliating your skin in the best possible way. The great thing about using enzymes with the treatment is that you can customize the treatment depending on what you are looking for in your skin. You will have amazing exfoliated skin in no time!

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Is this facial the best one for me?

While we offer a lot of facial treatments it is without a doubt one of the best out there because it combines two of our techniques to give you that skin smoothness and cleanliness you want.

Microderm + Enzymes help with:

  • Removing dead skin cells
  • Hydrating your skin
  • Controlling any bacteria that may cause acne
  • Removing deep scaring

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