Microderm in Chicago

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Microderm is a well-known and highly sought treatment because of how easy it is to apply and how amazing its results are. Microderm uses an abrasive applicator that softly removes anything that is harming the outer layer of your skin. This treatment is great if you are looking to restore your skin tone and texture while also doing wonders for any visible damage you might have on your skin. Here in Elite Spa, we have the best Microderm in Chicago. Don’t wait any longer and book today!

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How does Microderm work?

Every Microderm session takes roughly about an hour or so. We do it in our facility and it is so easy and non-invasive that you won’t need any type of anesthesia. 

Our experts are in charge of using the applicator to gently exfoliate all your skin. Getting rid of any dead cells you may have. Once our professionals are finished with using the applicator you can go back to your activities immediately.

Are there any side effects to Microderm?

Like any other treatment, it is going to depend on different factors but generally, no, there are few side effects. Depending on your skin you might experience some skin swelling or redness but all of these go away in a matter of hours. There is nothing to worry about.

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