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Self-care and wellness are important during COVID-19

Our tips are designed to help you relieve stress, sleep better, and feel more resilient at this difficult time. Self-care and wellness are important during COVID-19 and that is just something we can’t ignore. So, learn more about how to feel your best. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in all our lives. You might be worried about your safety and the health of your loved ones. Then, it’s totally normal to feel sad, anxious, frightened and angry. 

We wanted to share some help and advice to help everyone manage their mental health during this uncertain time. We hope this will help you take care of your mental health at a time when there feels to be so much threat to our physical health.


Don’t underestimate your own resilience

People often overestimate how much negative events will impact their lives, and underestimate how well they can cope. You’ve probably overcome many difficult situations that seemed insurmountable at the time. Have confidence in your ability to get through this crisis.


Information overload can be frustrating

The news can feel like 24/7 information overload about COVID-19. In times like this it can be easy to fall into thinking traps and ruminations. Make sure you ‘switch off’ screens and limit the time you spend on social media otherwise you can feel overwhelmed. 

Self care and wellness are important COVID 19

Stick to your routines as much as possible

 When we’re stressed, it’s easy to fall out of our regular routines and develop less-healthy habits, like staying up late or streaming Netflix all day. Think about your normal routine, and hold yourself to it if you can. Ideas: a yoga or mindfulness exercise, relaxing with a cup of tea before getting ready, or writing your thoughts and intentions for the day in a journal to help motivate you.


Sleep is vital to your mental and physical health

Make sure you are getting enough sleep! Having a consistent sleep schedule can be helpful for this. When possible, try to be in bed around the same time each night and out of bed around the same time each morning.

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