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What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is a form of self tanning where a fine mist sprayes onto your body. So, Spray Tan Chicago can be a good option for everyone.

This mist has an ingredient in it called Dihydroxyacetone that interacts with your own skin’s chemistry. Also, this is completely safe for your skin. The results you can get from tanning sprays are generally very good.  Many celebrities and models prefer spray tanning to just about anything else.

Benefits of Organic Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is the only way to get that bronzed “off the beach” look without sun exposure. As many of us already know, skin that is overexposed to the sun is prone to premature ageing, sunburn and other skin conditions.

Getting a natural looking tan means:

  • Evenness of colour
  • Non-patchy/no streaking
  • No orange colour
  • Fades naturally
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Hide the visible signs of cellulite
  • Glow that will last

How is Spray Tan applied?

Now, the mist has a variety of ‘devices’. First, you can go to a med spa and have it applied in a booth. These booths have several nozzles that spray your entire body with the spray tanning solution.

Second, you can get a tan from an airbrush or airgun as they’re called. Also, they tend to be smaller and more mobile than a booth.

Last, you can apply it yourself from a bottle.

Where can it be applied?

Different parts of the body do not have similar ability to tan. So, this is why we offer an organic spray tanning. And you can apply it all over your body.

How much does Spray Tan cost?

The price of a single spray tan can differ depending on the method. But, clients can typically expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 per tan. You can spend a fair price if you contact Elite Chicago Spa.

Spray Tan Chicago

How to get Spray Tan in Chicago?

You only have to go to Elite Chicago Spa! We offer the best spray tan chicago.

We are a top rated med spa in Chicago. Our professional staff provides each of our patients. Always and exclusively through the most advanced technology. Also, we have national and international certifications. And professional ethics that leads us to provide the peace of mind and security that each patient deserves.

Your custom color spray tan will be unique. We consider your skin type, hair color, and eye color to achieve your ideal shade. Our custom, dry-quick formulation leaves no sticky residue or mess.

What makes us different?

Our solution is pure grade DHA in combination with an anti-aging complex consisting of FDA-certified ingredients. Also, it is free from any animal products or testing and is formulate with no harsh chemicals, parabens, or cancer causing ingredients.

Our solution develops and fades evenly and glows naturally. Also, a correct pre-care and after-care is essential to guarantee flawless results.

Spray Tan Salon.

Organic Sugarcane Tanning

Organic spray tanning has taken the lead in the spray tan industry because it offers a generous amount of advantages. This means no synthetic colours, parabens, alcohol, oil, perfume, or odour exists in the solution. Organic spray tan solution is vegan and it does not expose you to the harmful UV rays.

In an organic spay tan, wrinkles, dry skin, irritation, rashes and other skin problems are diminished. This type of spray tanning binds the moisture in the skin and repairs skin cells that have been damaged by the harsh sun rays. Also, it eliminates the formation of dried out skin. 

Why use sugarcane?

The tanning DHA allows to obtain a tan 100% natural.

It generates a natural and immediate tanning when the sugar enters in contact with skin proteins. 

The tanning of sugar cane is the ideal tan for special occasions, since it is appreciated immediately after the spray and increases progressively during the following hours, reaching the maximum tone in 24 hours.

Is it risk free?

You don’t need to be exposed to the sun or to the UVA rays. So, it is better than any of the other conventional methods.

Spray Tan Chicago
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Heriberto Quiroz
Heriberto Quiroz
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My experience at Elite Spa was amazing. Getting a facial here for the first time was very relaxing! Hannah Michelle knows what she is doing. She knows what the products offer and loves her job. If you are having a bad day or need somewhere to relax go here.
Jenee Shaoul
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Amazing results from all my services. Beautiful office. All procedures are explained prior in detail. Always professional. My experience at Elite Chicago Spa has been nothing less than spectacular 😁
Stefan Polston-Oliver
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The spa is very nice, its clean and a professional setting. Mary Lou is very knowledgeable, certified and confident, she will counsel with you and provide the safest and best options for your needs. I highly recommend, even in this time of the virus the spa is a sterile and safe environment. All sterilization is in place and mask and gloves are worn.
Gisela González
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Very clean and very professional. The owner is very knowledgeable. She will walk you thru every step that u will need to do to achieve the result you are looking for. Also very affordable. Truly cares about her clients.
Gigi Ramos
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I am glad to be the first to review Elite Chicago Spa. While the spa opened in February 2020, I have been a client since she first opened her doors in November 2019. I put all my faith in Mary Lou undergoing my first series of spa treatments and Mary Lou delivered 💯. She is incredibly considerate, very thorough with such a gentle bed side manner. I highly recommend #EliteSpa. Thank you Mary Lou, you have a lifer client on your hands 😉.
Leslie Pratts
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Mary Lou is very professional and welcoming she answered all of my questions and concerns. She made me feel comfortable and left me looking fabulous. Results were great!
Patricia Espinosa
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Mary was so nice and professional. She explained everything she was doing and would frequently check up on me. I love my lip fillers.
Yammily hidalgo
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I love this place and the space I have had two services done. Lip injections and hair laser removal. I have to say both performed with attention to detail with her sanitizing the area always making sure I feel ok and pre-telling me when she will start and how it may hurt a little. If you want excellent service please reach out and make a appointment today.
Diana Gutierrez
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The minute you walk in, you know you are in great hands! Services like this, need someone who truly knows what they are doing and let me tell you...THIS IS THE PLACE!
Nonia Miller
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Trully one of the best experiences I've had. Everything was smooth and professional fromm the time I scheduled my appoinment to the service.


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