Top Facial Treatment in 2022

Top Facial Treatment in 2022

Learn About Some Of Our Most Advanced Treatments:

Microderm with Enzyme.

At Elite Chicago Spa we have the latest technology in facial care such as Microderm with Enzyme in Chicago. The most advanced and regenerative deep cleansing of the skin for your health and beauty.

Glow Chicago Facial

If you are someone who needs a facial treatment on the spot or someone who wants to treat your skin every month, then our Glow Facial Chicago treatment is the best option for you.

Microderm in Chicago

At Elite Chicago Spa we have the latest technology in facial care such as the Microderm in Chicago system. The most advanced and regenerative deep cleansing of the skin.

Chemical Peels

There are some treatments that need special care after each session. This treatment, makes use of a unique biorevitalization process. That uses low doses of hydrogen peroxide. This causes a break in the cellular links.



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Our skin projects our internal state of health, time passes faster and faster, we live immersed in stressful work routines, the environment has deteriorated and the consequences of all these changes fall on our skin.

As human beings our skin is changing day by day and it is not enough with our normal washing routine, it is necessary to take preventive and corrective measures for its care.

Aesthetic medicine advances and now we can obtain the latest generation treatments that correspond to our needs.

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Aesthetic Medicine Is Necessary ! And Science Confirms It !  Book Now!

Patients who have undergone aesthetic treatments improve their psychological well-being and social confidence. This is according to a study conducted by the Department of Dermatology at the University of California, led by Joel L. Cohen, which analyzes the role of aesthetic medicine on perceptions and how it can contribute to improving the emotional state of patients.

The study, entitled ‘Multimodal Facial Aesthetic Treatment on Aging Appearance, Social Confidence, and Psychological Well-Being: A Harmony Study,’ has been published in the scientific journal Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

In this context, a total of 93 patients participated in the research, who claim to have improved psychological well-being from a score of 62.8 to 82.7, on a scale of 100. Also, the improvement in confidence has increased from 62.7 to 80.9, which affects “their social relationships and the way they interact,” the study cites. 

To conclude, we invite you to know the latest in aesthetic facial treatments, your health is paramount to us.