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Benefits of Dermaplane with Peel

Many people have had doubts about the combination of these components. If you still do not know what they are and what benefits they have, we invite you to read this article. At Elite Chicago Spa, we want to offer you the best services. You will have the best care and the best results for your skin. So make up your mind now and continue reading. Benefits of Dermaplane with Peel


This treatment has become a trend. In a nutshell, it is a deep exfoliation treatment. That allows the skin to be born again and improved. As a result, the skin is much softer and smoother.
This technique is really very simple. But, in any case, it must. Be done by a professional. It is a technique where a surgical scalpel used. It will be in charge of helping to remove dead skin cells such as facial hair.
Something very important to keep in mind is that the results last about a month. But, thanks to the fact that it is a non-invasive peel, it can. Be done with some regularity.
Dermaplane with Peel benefits

Dermaplane with Peel in Chicago

Benefits of Dermaplane with Peel

What is it for?

The main aim of this treatment is to remove dead cells. This causes the smoothness of the skin to increase. Besides, it gives the skin luminosity and a rejuvenated appearance. Also, it completely removes facial hair. Which many people find annoying on their faces, especially women.
Thanks to the fact that the treatment removes a layer of dead skin cells, It allows the treatments. Are used to penetrate the skin, making their effects much faster on the skin. For example, creams and oils can moisturize the skin much more.

What is peeling?

This is a dermatological treatment based on exfoliation. Of the deepest layers of the skin. This done with the aim of favoring the layers of the skin, giving it better quality and texture. This is how it creates new layers of the dermis and epidermis. This treatment has the ability to renew the cells of the skin of the face and drop impurities.
This treatment must always carried out in authorized centers, in aesthetic clinics. With certified professionals, The procedure is pretty easy. It all starts with a deep cleaning. Then products capable of generating new layers of skin applied.

Benefits of Dermaplane with Peel

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Benefits of Dermaplane with Peel

Consider combining these two components in the same treatment. At Elite Chicago Spa, we offer you the best options for radiant skin. The benefits of this magnificent combination are. Reduce acne breakouts and remove bacteria-caused pimples.
 It renews the skin in an incredible way, leaving the face free of impurities. It also evens out skin color, making some spots caused by the sun disappear. With this treatment, we can keep the skin clean and free of imperfections.