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We know that time is a factor in a lot of things. With how quickly days move sometimes it is difficult to find time to pamper yourself. Even when you do it is normal to be afraid about the recovery time and how long you might have to spend trying to recover from any procedure. Well, With Elite Chicago Spa offers you the best Chemical Peels option. This Peel is an acid-based mixture that targets acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, and hydration. Our Organic Eminence Peels do not allow the skin to physically peel. So, the results from Peel work without any counter-indications. 

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What is the difference between a normal Peel and Chemical Peel?

A Peel treatment might take time to fully recover even when our Chemical Peel  is a non-invasive procedure. We always recommend taking care of your skin after a Peel treatment has been applied. Why? Because your skin needs some time after the treatment. With us you won’t have to worry about any of that. As soon as the treatment is over, you are free to move. So, when you go back to your normal activities and everything you do on a daily basis. It will be fastest to take care of your skin. 

Chemical Peels Chicago

How the treatment works?

There are some treatments that need special care after each session. This treatment, makes use of a unique biorevitalization process. That uses low doses of hydrogen peroxide. This causes a break in the cellular links.

Which allows penetration of the chemical treatments into the deeper layers of the skin. Thus, the body responds through a natural circulation process. That leads to cell regeneration, with the formation of collagen and skin renewal.

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Safe and fast procedure

This treatment begins with the application of the products to the areas treated. Then the application will be in the upper layers. For the elimination of superficial imperfections. Once time passes, the skin will cleansed and hydrated. From there, your skin will show.
 The best results in luminosity and flexibility instantly. The results are getting better and better. As the new collagen fibers increase, the volume will help improve the elasticity of the skin.
Chemical Peels Chicago Illinois

Who should have this treatment?

If you are not satisfied with your skin tone, texture, and imperfection lines, sun spots, scars, or acne. It also helps combat loose skin on the neck. This treatment is unique for people who want to address aesthetic issues. But for those who do not want to have any kind of recovery time, with this treatment you return home the same day.

Chemical Peels in Chicago

so, the place  that you choose is essential. That’s why Elite Chicago Spa is the best option. Contact us as soon as possible. Here we have the best specialists for your skin type. But surely, this is the best treatment. For the fastest results and without so much waiting and recovery time.
With this unique treatment program, results can maintained for up to 6 months to a year. This will depend on your skin type. Here we will give you more specific information.

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