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Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to help you reduce fat and tone your body. 

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What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

It is a revolutionary process, that uses ultrasound waves in specific areas of the body. Cavitation is designed to reduce targeted fat by treating subcutaneous fat. During the treatment a hand held probe applies safe energy waves to the targeted fat area.  Once the area has been worked on, the waves and heat will create vapor bubbles with in the fat cells. After the procedure these bubbles will turn the fat cells into liquid and the body will dispose them  through the lymphatic systems. 


Lose inches in the treatment area.

Improve the appearance of skin.

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The benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation

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Targeted body contouring

Ultrasonic Cavitation allow you to go sculpt your body. Specifically those stubborn areas that are difficult to target with exercise or other treatments.

Body Cavitation

The body cavitation method is mainly used, for areas of the body where you want to completely eliminate adipose tissue.

It is recommended for difficult areas, where other treatments are not effective.

Non-surgical procedure

The best thing about Ultrasonic Cavitation is that, it is done with an advanced machine that gives you a pleasant massage, while emitting ultrasound.

This eliminates dangerous scalpel treatments, which can cause scars, down time and lead to other complications. 

Reduces cellulite

Ultrasonic waves are are effective in treating Cellulite and improving the appearance of the skin. 

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