Double Chin Reduction in Chicago

Introducing our revolutionary treatments for Double Chin Reduction in Chicago

We are specialists in the art of body sculpting, additionally, we have the best non-invasive treatments for Double Chin Reduction in Chicago, without surgery or exercise. Also, We offer several non-invasive alternatives such as Radiofrequency and the best Coolsculpting to aid in jowl reduction.

What is the Double Chin?

A Double Chin is the result of a layer of subcutaneous fat that hangs below the chin, forming a noticeable wrinkle. It is more frequent in older or obese people.

Don’t wait any longer and schedule your appointment now, besides the double chin we also treat other areas with Coolsculpting Chicago.

Radiofrecuency Double Chin Reduction in Illinois

Facial radiofrequency is an aesthetic medicine technique designed to treat skin flaccidity, producing an effect similar to that of a facelift but without surgery. Hence, It is a procedure indicated for patients with mild or moderate flaccidity of facial tissues.

Radiofrequency is one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for Double Chin Reduction and is one of the most popular today. Because, It provides excellent results without any risk to patients.

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What is Coolsculpting for Double Chin and how does it work?

Diminution double chin reduction

Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary technique that removes stubborn and unwanted fat from this area. This state-of-the-art procedure is the only non-surgical procedure approved by the FDA. However, It is a non-invasive treatment that promises long-term results.

The Chicago Spa device extracts the skin cells in the target area, freezes the soft tissue in a controlled manner without damaging the skin, crystallizes it and your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, reducing up to 20% to 25% of stubborn fat in this area. Eventually, Being non-invasive, after treatment there is no downtime as in other procedures, so you can return to your daily activities.

Why choose Elite Chicago Spa?

First, at Chicago Spa all of our medical professionals are certified in the medical treatments provided. Therefore, we guarantee the highest level of quality and service to all our patients. This makes us the best Spa in the windy city.

Second, we have Elite Coolsculpting machines. I.e., the latest version launched in 2021, featuring dual applicators, an advanced touch screen and a lighter and more compact design, in short, designed for a better experience.

And finally, at Elite Chicago Spa none of our treatments are invasive. Additionally, since no cutting, anesthesia or medications are required, there is no downtime. This means, complications and side effects are less than invasive procedures such as liposuction and others. In conclusion, CoolSculpting and Radiofrequency are the safest treatments for Double Chin Reduction and our prices are affordable compared to surgeries.

Highlights of our treatments

  • Duration of treatment
    35 min per area.
  • How long do the results last?
    Results last indefinitely
  • Machine Certification
     FDA approved (which is the strictest body to approve machines)
  • How much fat is lost?
     20% – 25%
  • All physicians are certified to perform these procedures:

         –  Non-surgical

         –  Non-invasive

        –  No anesthesia

        –  No downtime

You can also complement with our facial moisturizing treatments for your face and neck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ideal candidates should fall within a normal BMI range. In other words, this procedure is ideal for men or women who have a bulge that has not responded to a healthy diet.

Although side effects are minor and rare, temporary discomfort or numbness in the jowls may occur.

The duration of results varies for each patient. Many times, many factors must be taken into account. For example, results may depend on your body’s physiology, lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Clinical results show a 20-25% reduction of fat cells in the Double Chin.

Because it is an outpatient treatment, without surgery and with a non-invasive technique. You will be able to perform all your activities immediately after each session. When patients finish, they go directly to their work and other pending responsibilities.

No, it is a treatment that lasts approximately 2 to 3 sessions of 35 minutes. Coolsculpting treatment in Chicago Illinois is ideal because you start to see results after the third week.

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Where can I find the best Double Chin Reduction near me in Chicago?

At Chicago Spa we have highly trained professionals to provide you with the best CoolSculpting In Chicago Illinois, all CoolSculpting machines are certified and state of the art.

If you would like a personalized appointment, feel free to contact Elite Chicago Spa (312) 841-9750, or visit us, we are located in the heart of Lake View, Chicago, IL. 3952 N Southport Ave, 60613, USA.

Virtual consultations are also available at our CoolSculpting Clinic in Chicago. Schedule your appointment now!

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