Nano Needling Chicago

Nano Needling - The best way to restore your skin tone

Nano Needling

Nano Needling Chicago is one of the most requested treatments out there because of how easy it is to do. A gentle and non-invasive cosmetic facial treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimizes pigmentation and improves skin tone. 

By using an applicator with fine needles we focus on getting rid of any fine lines, minimizing pigmentation, and improving skin tone. If you are looking for the easiest and best non-invasive procedure you can’t go wrong with this one. Book your treatment today!

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What is the difference between Microneedling and Nano Needling?

First, the  biggest difference between the two treatments is how deep the needles go into your skin. Both are amazing procedures to treat different areas of the skin, however, both of them have slightly different objectives. While Microneedling is perfect to target the deep area of your skin, Nano Needling focuses more on the first layer of the skin removing everything bad from it. In a few words, Nano Needling is less invasive but equallyy helpful. If you want a fast treatment that doesn’t require a lot of care after it is finished then this one is for you.

Nano Needling

There are very frequently asked questions about the differences between nano-needles and micro-needles. Both use a needle pen that creates microchannels in the skin. The main difference between these two mechanism. Is that one only pierces the first layer of skin. While the other (micro-needling) penetrates a deeper layer of skin.
Second, the  you are concerned about wrinkle lines, puffiness, dark pigmentation, or sagging skin. This is the best option. If your skin care includes deep wrinkles, stretch marks, or deep acne scars. Microneedling will be the perfect treatment for that.

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Are nanoneedles safe?

This type of treatment includes skin puncture, but this can done safely on all skin types. There is no risk of any type of hyperpigmentation. Since the melanocytes remain intact. This treatment is really effective. If you want to reduce all those facial imperfections. It improves skin tone and texture. reduces the appearance of pore size. It also firms the skin.

What does a Nano-needling treatment include?

Each treatment personalized; it depends on the care of each person. We seek to give you the best possible results. Here we give you personalized advice. If you want to start with something small, we will give you the best advice. Each of your needs is by the desires and objectives you want.
The sessions will also depend on the condition of your skin. If you want the total elimination of some imperfections. Here we will fix the ones you need to show off the skin you want and improve your appearance.

How often can I receive a nanoneedling treatment?

Finally, Nano-needling can done every two to three weeks. For best results, we recommend a series of treatments according to your skin type.
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