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Plasma Pen Chicago

Elite Chicago Spa is one of the few medical spas that offer plasma Pen Chicago. Plasma Pen is an advanced device that offers an option to lift, tighten and rejuvenate your skin by treating the dull and sagging skin with wrinkles. It is a  non-invasive treatment that promises great results
Our treatment is a new cosmetic procedure that diminishes the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles and collagen loss. Our treatment offers a gentle surgical procedure that targets a variety of skin conditions: wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging skin.

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How does it work?

Our certified and trained staff uses the plasma pen to apply smooth surgical plasma fibroblasts to the skin. The advantage is that it can be used on any area of your skin. We offer dramatic results by firming, lifting, regenerating, and rejuvenating your skin. All electrical energy is converted into molecular nitrogen. This energized gas is then transmitted to the surface of the skin. No contact is necessary. Thermal conduction during the procedure heats and at the same time alters the deeper layers of the skin. Fibroblasts are the connective tissue cells that produce collagen.

 The results are noticeable and lasting so you’ll look and feel your very best! Our Plasma Pen is not for everyone, but 95% of patients see amazing results. 

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What is Plasma Skin Tightening?

Plasma Skin Tightening Chicago is a revolutionary medical spa treatment. This procedure focuses on using heat to tighten the skin. It is completely non-surgical and FDA-approved. One great thing about this procedure is that the results will be permanent and will always be visible on your skin. And, another great thing about this, recovery time is almost non-existent. One week and you are good to go! A lot of people love this treatment because of the above-mentioned reasons. 

Our Plasma Pen is an advanced device that offers a non-invasive option to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. We treat dull, sagging skin with wrinkles. Our treatment is CE and FDA approved. We use this novel tool to perform fibroblast therapy to stimulate natural collagen production in the skin.

Areas of the body to be treated with Plasma Pen

  • Accordion lines that form around the mouth.
  • Acne scars
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Jawline
  • Creases and wrinkles that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin.
  • Improve the appearance of nasolabial or laugh lines.
  • Improve the appearance of neck skin laxity.
  • Vertical lines around the mouth.
  • Hoods and bags in the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Eliminate stretch marks

The benefits of Plasma Pen

  • Quality facial rejuvenation.
  • It can be used in different areas of the body.
  • It treats various blemishes very quickly.
  • It can remove moles.
  • Elimination of scars, freckles and stretch marks.
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive.
  • Avoid weeks of inactivity.
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How many treatment sessions will I need?

Every patient is different and each has very different aesthetic goals. When scheduling a consultation, our specialists will be able to assist you and guide you on the number of sessions needed according to your case. Some patients have been known to achieve results after a single treatment. It all depends on the individual patient and condition. The majority of Plasma Skin Tightening Chicago treatments take only one session and one week of recovery. However, as mentioned before, it will all depend on each individual.

Is the Plasma Pen treatment right for me?

It turns out that this treatment is ideal for men and women of all skin types. They just need to be certain that they want to rejuvenate their skin. Our specialists can best determine if this treatment may be ideal for you during your consultation. We will discuss your cosmetic concerns and review your current medical history.


Is it painful? Post-treatment care

Before the procedure is performed in the selected areas, a local anesthetic is applied to avoid pain in the patient, who at times may feel warmth in certain areas of the face and a slight burning sensation.

This is completely normal and should not cause alarm in the patient.

Slight bleeding may also occur, but none of this will leave permanent marks or represent a risk to the patient, since the treatment is one hundred percent safe.

Post-treatment care after the Plasma Skin Tightening Chicago treatment is minor, however, the specialist may recommend cleaning the face with neutral soap and applying antiseptic cream.


In any case, any possible marks generated during the process will disappear in a matter of days, a week on average, and without pain, so it is an effective method without complications that renews the skin and eliminates imperfections.

Is the procedure safe?

No major health risk factors associated with the procedure. Minimal risks are involved with the Plasma Pen, only some minor short-term side effects like swelling, redness, crusty/flaky skin, itchiness. Luckily these will only last for a max of 7 days.

This procedure does not require cuts or medications that could cause an allergic reaction. This means that the rate of complications and side effects is lower than with more invasive procedures.

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Still not convinced?

 FDA-cleared procedure. Also, results are noticeable and lasting. So, you’ll look and feel great from every angle.

Our treatment plan addresses your problem areas. Every treatment is personalized. Then, your individualized treatment plan will be designed for you, your goals, and your budget, and your time.

Recovery time? More like no recovery needed. 

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