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The Best Lip Augmentation Procedure in Chicago

Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure (non-surgical) designed to give your lips a fuller appearance. With dermal filler injections, we help plump the lips. Results last for months and provide a gentle, natural-looking result. Lip fillers are an ideal method for enhancing facial features in both, men and women.

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Our Lip Augmentation Procedure

We can help you achieve the lips you dream of:

Lip Fillers (hyaluronic acid gels). We strategically inject FDA approved fillers in and around the lips. These can either  fill in wrinkles or help to boost volume.

Length of Procedure: 10-15 minutes
Cost: Varies By Treatment
Downtime: None
 Best of all it is a non-surgical procedure!
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Lip Augmentation

How do Lip Fillers work?

Lip Fillers in Chicago are used daily by millions of patients worldwide because of the safety they represent. In addition, the majority contains polymethylmethacrylate, a synthetic substance in the form of granules that, when the collagen is absorbed, is preserved in the lips and has high impact support properties. This is the most transparent of the plastics, resistant to weathering and ultraviolet rays. And it guarantees long-lasting results. It is due to the diverse properties that it provides a volume effect on the size of the lips.

If you have very thin lips and want to increase their size, the technique of filling through injections will give your face an absolute change. So, get sensual and provocative lips. Also, if you have a bulky mouth and want a slight increase, this technique will help you look your best.

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Yarelys Lopez
Yarelys Lopez
I got my first facial since I've been trying to get rid of my acne now. Hannah, the esthetician, told me the type of acne problem I had. She asked for all of my concerns to help give me what result I wanted. I thought my product that, seemed to be a well-known brand, was good enough. It wasn't cheap so I was using that hoping to get my results, however it just didn't work. I came in with a very red visible face. My face was not feeling smooth and everyone could see it. She calmed my skin. She massaged and really got in my pores. Removed all my black heads. The facial was hands down amazing. I ended up buying product once I seen the results! I'll definitely be coming often and buying more of the product and selection of holistic tea's they have! 10/10!! And not to mention, incredibly gorgeous inside!
Jazmine Delgado
Jazmine Delgado
I dont know where to begin with explaining how much I love coming here. Hannah is so good at what she does! I'm obsessed with my face after every appointment. If you want your skin to love you back, book with her! The spa itself is such a chill environment, it's gotten my mind out of so many bad days. Not to mention I've never had to wait, even with it being Covid! I come on my appointment time & im seen right way. It's so clean and relaxing. I love it here!
Crystal Tapia
Crystal Tapia
Absolutely loved my experience ! I loved my facial by Hannah and my lips are beautiful thanks to Marylou ! My Saturday was so relaxing and definitely worth it ! I’ll see you girls next month 😊 Crystal & Mckenzie
camila rodriguez
camila rodriguez
Really nice professional spa, enjoyed hot stone massage & light treatment on my back. Rebooked & went back for other massage treatments! Would strongly recommend.
Brenda vaile
Brenda vaile
This place is awesome! They really understand and make sure that you are pampered and made to feel that you are the MOST important person there. They strive to make sure your visit is perfect and relaxing. I LOVE this place because of the personnel. I feel like I am going to my best friends home and being surrounded by those I feel comfortable with!❤️❤️ I love the way I look and the way Mary treats me every time .
Livia Manning
Livia Manning
I had the glow facial with Hannah and my skin felt the healthiest it ever has after. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I also loveeeeee the products from the skin care line that they use. I am already so excited for my next visit!
Gianna Metoyer
Gianna Metoyer
I love this place!! Hannah did my facial and she was professional, knowledgeable, and so sweet. I felt comfortable as soon as I arrived. Great location, easy parking, clean and safe environment. The spa itself is immaculate and adorable. He had a consultation with me about my skin needs and walked me through everything she was going to do during my facial. All of the products she used smelled and felt wonderful. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She also sold me an amazing eye cream I’ve been using for the last few weeks and can already see improvement. I highly recommend this spa for any of your beauty needs! If I could give it 10 stars I would! Thank you so much Hannah for making my experience so fantastic! You are lovely!
Christopher Le Beau
Christopher Le Beau
I Love This Place! I have been going since the Spa opened. Mary Lou and her team are honestly the Best!. I have had various treatments as well as received several Facials and have beed extremely happy with my results. This place is top notch and the staff is always so nice and take time to explain everything about the procedures, what to expect, and answered all my questions. They are always great with follow up too, making sure that I was happy and to check in on my results. The Spa is very private and I always feel like a VIP every time I am there! Highly Recommend!
Neeka Rooks
Neeka Rooks
I loved my experience with Hannah. She made me feel very comfortable & I see results after my first treatment. I’m so excited to start my skin journey with her. She’s professional and our energies aligned. I can’t wait for my follow up appointment in a few weeks. I highly recommend her for all your skin care needs.

Everything you need to Know About Lip Augmentarion

Is Lip Augmentation the right treatment for me?

We often think on cosmetic surgery. For many, the main concern is that the results won’t look natural, and it will be obvious that a procedure had been done. But, one of the biggest benefits of a non-surgical lip augmentation is that the physician will have full control over the end results. 

The amount of filler injected can determine your desired look. We will create a seamless transition, making the skin smoother and fresher. Also, ensuring that the results look completely natural. Without a doubt results are so natural that you will be able to return to work and do your normal activities as soon as possible.

First, we will make sure that you have no allergies that could cause adverse effects during treatment. So, why wait? Most healthy adults can undergo non-surgical lip augmentation treatment without any worry. We offer different types of dermal fillers. It is time for you to benefit from lip augmentation

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Lip Augmentationt
Available for every gender

What are Lip Fillers injections?

Dermal fillers that treat wrinkles are also used in lip augmentation ChicagoLip fillers in Chicago are one of the most used cosmetic treatment. Each of the dermal fillers provides a similar degree of result to help with those lip lines. They smooth the skin around the mouth, disguise the common signs of aging, and give the lips a boost in volume. Once the hyaluronic acid dermal filler has been injected into the skin area, it will gradually begin to support the tissues in the lip. Then, it begins to form a more voluminous shape. Everything you need for your aesthetic goals.

All the fillers used at Elite Spa are safe FDA approved and composed of hyaluronic acid. And the most popular fillers used are:  


This is one of the lightest fillers. This filler is able to achieve a visible reduction of the lines around the mouth. You can also use it in other areas of the face.


Juvederm is another popular filler. It is also used in smoothing wrinkles and enhancing lips. Juvederm plumps up the lips and is used for vertical lines above the lip.


Restylane, and the various different types of Restylane,  is one of the most popular dermal fillers. It is mainly used for wrinkle removal treatments. Also, this is a safe filler used for lip augmentation and enhancement procedures.
Lip Injections

What are the components of the injections?

They are basically two ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid which is a complex polysaccharide (sugar) and Lidocaine which makes the injection almost painless. Hyaluronic acid, in addition to providing volume to the lips, smoothes the skin, gives a better structure to the lip shape, accentuates the cupid’s bow and provides a more youthful appearance. This substance is found naturally in the connective tissue of the skin, cartilage and tendons, however, it is lost over the years.

Side effects and complications

Are lip fillers safe? With our treatment you will not need a Chicago plastic surgeon. Our treatment is a completely safe cosmetic procedure. All of our elements are FDA approved. The procedure is extremely safe with only very rare instances of any additional complications. Other than the standard bruising and swelling, there are some potential complications: Allergic Reaction to the Filler Implant Rejections Surgical Infection Scarring Lumps Under the Skin Is Lip Augmentation done with a fat transfer procedure? It is not. When you decide to have  lip augmentation with fat transfer procedure,  the plastic surgeon will get fat tissue from buttocks, stomach or thighs via liposuction. This fat will be then transfer to your lips. We use FDA approved Injections.
Lip Fillers Chicago

What to expect

How is the first visit?

Looking for the best doctor in Chicago? At Elite Chicago Spa, we offer attentive care. During the initial visit, the doctor will examine the shape of the lips, mouth and their proportion to the rest of the face. It is precisely this last aspect that allows a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. 

The second step will be to explain to the patient the various techniques available to achieve lip augmentation, and then the respective advantages and disadvantages.

Prepare for the procedure

As in any other procedure it is very important that you prepare yourself before going in. It is something pretty simple. Some weeks before try to lay off of supplements. Do not use any creams or things near the area that’ll be affected. If you want to lessen bruising you could apply some oinments and finally a day before do not drink any alcoholic beverages. All this will help you ease the recovery time and will make sure the lip filler procedure goes smoothly.

Results and duration

The results last between 5 and 6 months, but the effect and duration may be subjective depending on the individual characteristics of the patient (age, skin type, smoke, sun exposure, etc.). The duration of the effect will depend mainly on the brand of hyaluronic acid used.

The first days after the treatment, the volume of the lips may appear larger than desired or even exaggerated due to the swelling after the injection. It can also happen that after the first week the volume acquired decreases due to the integration of the hyaluronic acid with the tissues.

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In our Spa we use a variety of filling techniques including specialized small needles. In addition, cannula approach and pillow techniques. Each lip is customized to each patient’s goal.


There are alternatives to lip fillers such as the use of fat as well as lip implants. These are a long-term alternative to lip fillers and for patients with very thin lips. Fat can be used to augment lip size for thinner lips and is usually done in combination with other procedures.

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