Colon Detox Package Chicago

What is Colon Detox Package? 

This service is a package that includes a specialized detoxing protocol, specialized herbal teas, powders to cleanse the colon, bi-weekly foot detox heavy metal release, bi-weekly pressotherapy full body lymphatic drainage, and bi-weekly colon massage.

colon detox package

How does it work?

Colon treatments include abdominal massage, acupressure points, aromatherapy and auditory therapy with Tibetan singing bowls. We evaluate you for digestive problems in your body, electrolytes, and a probiotic after the procedure. All treatments performed here aim to detoxify and cleanse your body in a peaceful environment. This can represent a change for your body, mind and soul.

colon detox pack

Benefits of Colon Detox

The Benefits include:

                • Clean colon
                • Less Toxins
                • More Energy
                • Less Acne and Major Skin Conditions
                • Less Pain and Constipation
                • Full Body Reset
                • Weight Loss
                • Immunity Boosting

Problems caused by toxins:

                • Headaches
                • Insomnia
                • Skin problems
                • Acne
                • Wrinkles
                • Depression
                • Anxiety
                • Nausea
                • Weight gain
                • Lowered immunity

Is this the right service for you?

If you feel abnormally tired, it may be because your cells are not functioning at optimal levels. Eating foods that lack sufficient nutrients, getting too little exercise, and exposure to toxic substances reduce our energy levels. This treatment reduces your body’s natural bioelectrical stimulation through your feet. In this way, we eliminate toxic substances from our bodies. We encourage you to ask your doctor whether the information is correct for you if you need to. Colon Detox Package is not a cure for ​any disease, ailment, or health condition, but its benefits can increase your wellness.

How can Foot Cleansing help your body wellness?

For foot cleansing, we started by filling the basin with warm water. But first, you need to put your feet in our vibrating foot machine to massage them with essential oils. The vibration makes the blood circulate better.

Then comes the ionic foot cleansing, designed on the basis of the electric charges of our body. This produces a change in the structure of the water to create a magnet effect, causing the water to magnetize and pull these electrical particles out of the body. Toxins produced by heavy metals affect our health. This is why after foot bath sessions, you feel lighter and get more energy to improve your well-being.

detox colon

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