Ultrasonic Cavitation: How many sessions do I need?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a highly effective procedure to remove body fat. This treatment consists of applying a specially designed handpiece on the body parts. This handpiece uses low-frequency ultrasound, and its vibration produces emulsification and elimination of fat tissues. That’s what is called Cavitation. It’s a non-invasive treatment and requires no pain but a gentle sensation of heat over your skin. But how many sessions do I need to see the results of my Ultrasonic Cavitation in Chicago?

How many sessions do I need to see the results?

The number of sessions needed for this treatment depends on what expectations do you have. Results can be seen in the first meeting and the maintenance of that depends on your care. Hydrating is necessary to help body metabolism, and of course, a healthy diet and exercise is vital for this post-process. 

In our Spa in Chicago, we usually recommend our patients to take 1 to 12 sessions to apply this treatment all over their bodies. The visual balance is necessary for a beautiful image, and you can get this result by working with other parts of your body that have undesired fat grease.

Body parts for working within this treatment to define how many sessions do I need

1 - 1.5 Sessions for Treatment Area

  • Abdomen: 1 Meetings
  • Arms: 1 Meetings
  • Midback /Fat under bra: 1 Meetings
  • Knees: 1.5 Meetings
  • Inner Thighs: 1.5 Meetings
  • Back of the Thighs (under the buttocks): 1.5 Meetings
  • Front of the Thighs: 1.5 Meetings

2 Sessions for Treatment Area

  • Flanks / Love handles / Muffin Top: 2 Meetings
  • Outer Thighs (also referred to as saddle bags): 2 Meetings
  • Buttocks: 2 Meetings

Can I lose weight with ultrasonic cavitation?

No, it helps with the body reshape. The areas indicated for applying this treatment are the ones that catch extra fat from adipose tissue.

So if you are interested in these treatments, apply to our Cavitation Treatment in Chicago to increase your beauty. Our professional team from Elite Spa Chicago is available to solve any question you have about this procedure. Call us and trust in the best medical spa in the city of Chicago.

how many sessions do I need