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How to recognize and handle stress

We all feel stressed at one time or another.  The truth is that stress is a normal and healthy reaction to a situation. But stress that continues for longer periods of time can definitely affect your health. So it is necessary to learn to recognize when we are stressed. That’s why we want to show you How To Recognize and Handle Stress. 

Recognizing Stress

The first step to managing stress is to recognize the presence of stress in your life.  Although we all experience stress, many of us externalize it differently. That is, some get angry, some feel bad, and some can’t sleep. The important thing is to learn to recognize when you are stressed. You must also learn to discern which situations upset you and why. Is it a family or work conflict? What is causing you tension? 

how to recognize and handle stress

Goodbye unhealthy habits 

When feeling stressed, you may resort to unhealthy behaviors which you should avoid. 

  • Overeating
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking alcohol and using drugs
  • Sleeping too much or not enough

These behaviors may make you feel better, but it’s temporary. It could actually harm your health even more. 

Anti-stress massages

Attending a Massage Spa Lakeview can help you control your stress levels. A good Anti-Stress and Relaxing Massage improves tissue vascularization. Lakeview Massage Spa specialists know how to decrease stress-related muscle tension. A manual technique is applied slowly with firm and progressive pressure. The goal is to achieve general relaxation by relieving accumulated tension.

It is necessary to stay healthy. It is essential to release mental tension in order to regain overall balance. When you decide to take a massage in County Cook look for the professionals in town. Verify that they comply with all the corresponding sanitary measures. You should also make sure that the employees are 100% trained! Free yourself from stress and enjoy a full and healthy life.