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Laser Hair Removal: Is it really worth it?

Men and Women spend way too much time shaving, painful waxing, using creams, or other messy solutions to stop hair growth. It is time for a solution. Keep on reading to know more about Laser Hair Removal: Is it really worth it?

Our body hair grows in three stages: anagen, telogen and catagen. Laser hair removal is most effective on the hairs in the first part of the anagen stage, when the hair is actively growing. The laser beam is directed at the hair follicle. The laser converts its energy into heat, heats the hair follicle and prevents the follicle from growing further.

In order for laser hair removal treatments in chicago to be most effective, the depilated hair should be in the anagen stage, when the hair is actively growing. That is why it is so important to receive laser hair removal in a series of consecutive treatments, every 4 to 6 weeks.

Laser Hair Removal Is It Really Worth It


It’s a Safe Medical Procedure

Laser hair removal is a safe procedure. In order for someone to be able to operate a laser device, they need to go through training. During training, a person learns more than just how to operate the device. Our medical spa offers the best treatments. And of course, professional staff members.


Smooth Skin guaranteed

Interestingly enough, a number of people who go through laser treatments don’t have to give unwanted hair a second thought. In case you belong to that group of people, you won’t have to book a single waxing appointment ever again.


The results are amazing and last for a long time

Unlike other forms of hair removal like shaving and waxing where it takes days or weeks before the hair grows back, hair effectively removed by laser won’t grow back for several months or years. If/when it does grow back, the hair is finer, lighter, and not as visible as it was before. In some cases, the hair is permanently gone and never grows back.


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