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Elite Chicago Spa offers HydraFacial treatments that clear out your skin pores and hydrate your skin.  Schedule your treatment today!

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that renews skin tone and texture. It can improve the skin-related concerns and conditions. 


Ultherapy lifts the skin on the neck, chin, and brow. It improves lines and wrinkles. Our Ultherapy treatment uses microfocused ultrasound to lift and tighten loose skin.

It can treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores on your skin. Microneedling uses needles to puncture hundreds of tiny holes in your skin. So, it stimulates collagen and elastin production. As a result, the collagen improves the appearance. So, we offer the best microneedling in chicago.

A thread lift is where temporary sutures produce a subtle lift in the skin. So, this has the effect of  lifting and tightening the face. Also, threads combat aging in another way: by causing the body to direct surges of collagen. So, we offer you the best thread lift in chicago.



Elite Chicago Spa offers you the best Botox treatment in Chicago. We have the most efficient treatments and technology.

If you have active lines or age-associated wrinkles that are beginning to appear, one of the FDA-approved injectable neurotoxins may be right for you. So, it just takes BOTOX to correct facial imperfections and signs of aging.

Botox near me? Stop looking!

Juvederm is a cosmetic treatment referred to as a filler. So, you restore facial contours and improve signs of aging. It’s an injectable dermal filler with a base of hyaluronic acid. Also, it’s a treatment that focuses on the face, specifically the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

Restylane is a line of hyaluronic acid–based facial fillers that help smooth wrinkles and plump your cheeks and lips. So, hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin. And the common uses are in cheeks, lips and around your mouth.

Lip fillers are ideal for enhancing your facial features. For lip fillers Chicago, we use natural and synthetic fillers to increase the volume of your lips. First, we will inform you everything there is to know about lip augmentation. Then, we will design the perfect plan for you. And don’t worry about the cost of the procedure.

Come to us for lip enhancement at the best price!

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This procedure uses a medical, cooling-based treatment that neutralizes fat cells. So, it is a non-surgical procedure with zero downtime. And Elite Chicago Spa is here to offer you the best CoolSculpting in chicago.

Mesotherapy works through a treatment on small doses. And uses microinjections at the superficial level of the skin. So, it is really good fot weight loss and skin rejuvenation.

It is a revolutionary process, to make applications of ultrasound waves in specific areas of the body. So, the body cavitation method is for areas of the body where you want to completely eliminate adipose tissue. And you can count on us for the best ultrasonic cavitation.

Carboxytherapy is a treatment for cellulite and stretch marks. So, go for the best carboxytherapy in chicago. And don’t doubt to enhance those areas you want to.

Radio Frequency (RF) treatment basically consists of an extraordinary aesthetic technique. This process uses high frequency waves, which heats the deep membranes. In order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. So, it is amazing to reaffirm and stretch the skin. Also, it is a very powerful tool to destroy fat deposits in your body.

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If you are interested in non-surgical alternatives to liposuction. Then, Elite Chicago Spa has you covered. Our latest technology in body contouring has provided over 5,000 satisfied treatments. So, we offer the best laser liposuction treatment.

Laser hair removal is one of the most common procedures. So, we offer an affordable alternative to the dreadful routine of daily shaving and waxing. And now Laser away unwanted hair with our low cost laser hair removal at Elite Chicago Spa.

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