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Tips To Do Before And After Glow Facial

This is one of the best skin treatments. At Elite Chicago Spa, we will give you the best services for your skincare. If you have not yet decided on treatment. We invite you to inform yourself about all of them. and have the most complete information. So continue reading Tips To Do Before And After A Glow Facial.

Tips To Do Before And After Glow Facial

skin preparation

Skin preparation

This is one of the most important aspects to take into account. Preparing the skin can make a big difference in the process. This technique also serves to make the treatment last longer. 
The first thing is that you know how to identify what type of skin you have. And remember the products your skin needs.
It is not the same as, for example, dealing with spots or wrinkles. The treatment will help both problems, but it should focus on the one you need the most. 

Besides this, before carrying out the treatment, it is so recommended to do a deep cleaning. This done to get rid of dead cells and possibly dirt.

Tips To Do Before And After Glow Facial

After the session

It is important to clarify that this treatment does not just any type of recovery time. What is necessary is that you take some precautions. In the hours following treatment,
You need to avoid wearing makeup for the next 24 hours. It is also important that you take care of the sun for a few days. You must be cautious because you can’t use protective creams. 
Nor should you wash your face in one or two days with soaps that can cause irritation. Put aside the sauna or jacuzzi plans. Everything that related to a source of water vapor, avoid.
skin care

Maintenance sessions

Although the results of this treatment are evident from the first session. You need to take some other sessions. This is so you can get the necessary enjoy the treatment. Typically, you’ll have great skin for a year, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a touch-up. The number of sessions can help you have much more rewarding results.

Tips To Do Before Glow Facial

Tips To Do Before And After Glow Facial