Types Of Body Fat And How To Eliminate It

Types Of Body Fat And How To Eliminate It

Types Of Body Fat And How To Eliminate It

When we talk about body fat, we imagine that it is one and that it has the same function in the body. Perhaps because we do not like it aesthetically, we do not know its function in the body. In addition, there are 6 types of body fat that are distributed in two classes. According to their location and according to their function in our organism. Let’s see each of them and how we can reduce or remove them.

Types of body fat according to their location

Fat is a component of the human body that accumulates in the form of adipose tissue. It is now recognized that adipose tissue (AT), in addition to being the reservoir of lipids, is an endocrine organ that produces a variety of hormones and cytokines that regulate metabolism and influence body composition. Recently, AT is emerging as an important source of adult stem cells. This according to the article, “Regional distribution of the body fat. Use of image techniques as tools for nutritional diagnosis“. Written by M. J. Pérez Miguelsanz, W. Cabrera Parra, G. Varela Moreiras and M. Garaulet.
Not all fat in the body is the same. Let’s see how it is distributed and the benefits and risks associated with each one.
visceral type of body fat

Hard fat or visceral fat

It is found in the abdominal area, located between the organs. It is more resistant since it is called “hard fat”. Since its main function is to cushion and protect vital organs. But, at the same time, its excessive accumulation is also the most dangerous. As it is much more difficult to eliminate and is directly related to serious health problems. For example, cardiovascular risk or type II diabetes. This unnecessary accumulation of visceral fat is also more common in men.

Soft fat, subcutaneous fat or peripheral fat

It is located under the skin, covering a much larger and superficial area. When it exceeds optimal levels, it is easier to eliminate and less dangerous. This is because it is not located near vital organs. Contrary to the previous case, its accumulation is more typical in women above all. Especially in the hip, thigh, and buttocks areas.
soft fat is a type of corporal fat
intermuscular fat from types of body fat
Taken from: Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction in the Development and Progression of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Sarah Altajar and Gyorgy Baffy

Intermuscular fat

Proportionally, it is the type of fat with the smallest presence. You can locate it between the muscle fibers to protect them, and tends to increase with age, both in men and women.

It is an element that slows down weight loss. In obese people, there is a greater “storage” of fat inside the muscle. Especially if no physical activity is performed.

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Types of fat according to their function in our organism

In addition to the areas of the body where it is concentrated. We can also distinguish the body fat variants according to their specific function. In this sense, we find:

Brown fat

Located in the interscapular area, it is a special type of fat that is metabolically active. That is, when it is cold, it starts to produce energy (heat) to increase body temperature and thus protect us from the cold. In childhood, the percentage of brown fat is higher and decreases over the years.

interscapular area for brown fat body fat type
Taken from: Massage Therapy for Upper Back Pain by Paul Ingraham.
white fat body fat type
Taken from: Brown Fat Vs White Fat - Health Academy Australia

White fat

The most common type of fat. Present throughout our lives, both in men and women. Its percentage tends to increase over time if healthy habits are not followed. Its primary function is to act as an energy reserve in case of need. When brown fat (also called brown fat) is activated to generate heat, it uses white fat as fuel.

Beige fat

Discovered in recent years. It is a type of brown fat located within the white fat clusters that also has its own thermodynamic characteristics.

These are white adipocytes that behave like brown adipocytes under the action of certain stimuli. That activate irisin secretion. When the stimulus is removed, the white adipocytes return to their original behavior. Irisin is a hormone that causes the browning of white fat.

Beige Fat body fat type
Taken from: "Heat May Melt Away White Fat" by Sophie Fessi. Published in The Scientist.

Laser Fat Removal: An effective way to reduce body fat

Laser Fat Removal in Chicago is a safe procedure that can help you increase your body’s beauty and, off course, reduce white fat. The procedure consists of melting the fat and then suctioning it out through a special cannula. It is a safe and minimally invasive treatment and the results are immediate.

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