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What stage of hair growth is best for laser hair removal?

Nowadays, laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. Cosmetic centers in Chicago offer this affordable alternative to the dreadful routine of daily shaving and waxing. Say goodbye to the unwanted hair with the best laser hair removal in Chicago at Elite Chicago Spa. But first learn about the stages of hair growth.

laser hair removal on legs
laser hair removal on legs


Without the basic knowledge of how our body hair grows, this hair removal method would have never been made possible. So, it is important to learn more about the three stages of hair growth.

The First Stage of hair growth: Anagen

The anagen phase is the first stage of the hair growth cycle, and the most visible. You can tell your body hair is in this phase when it’s above the skin and ready for removal. It’s still attached to the papilla, which is a nipple-like protrusion at the base of the hair follicle and remains in this part of the cycle for two or three weeks. When it comes to laser hair removal, the anagen phase is ideal for targeting the pigment of the hair and destroying the follicle so that it doesn’t grow back. This is the best stage to get the laser hair removal treatment.

The Second Stage: Catagen

Occurring between growth and rest, the hair will shed in catagen phase. If you’ve ever had long hair, then you might be familiar with finding hair on your clothes or pillow. This is often due to the shedding that occurs in the catagen stage, as the hair leaves the papilla at this point. The laser isn’t always successful when targeting the body hair in this stage of the cycle, as the laser energy is unable to reach the follicle once the hair separates. Fortunately, this stage of the hair growth cycle only lasts two days, making it unlikely for the target body hair to be at this point during your laser treatments.

The Third Stage: Telogen

The telogen phase is considered the rest stage, as after the hair has shed it goes dormant. Unlike the other stages, the length of this phase is unpredictable. Sometimes the hair will begin to grow back in just a few days, but it can take up to a few years. Laser hair removal isn’t possible during this stage of the hair growth cycle.

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