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What types of massage does a spa offer?

Who doesn’t like to get a massage after a terrible week of work? The truth is that massages are not highly beneficial to our health. The important thing is to know that we need. Have you attended a spa? Do you know What Types Of Massage Does A Spa Offer?

Swedish Massage

This massage seeks to relax the muscles and promote circulation. It is a combination of active and passive movements. You should ask for this massage if you want a total relaxation experience. It is perfect in episodes of anxiety or much stress. Now avoid it if you are not stressed or if you have a lot of muscular pain.

Deep tissue massage

Most massages relax the most superficial muscle layers. This is not the case with deep tissue massage Chicago. Here, the objective is to reach the deepest part of the muscle, and to achieve this, the masseur uses the forearm, elbows and heel of the hand. This massage is ideal when you need to attack muscle tension in depth, or if you have a muscle trauma injury. Also, it is ideal if you have strong stress or chronic pain. Now, if you do not have deep contractions this massage is not necessary. It is a very intense massage, so you could leave with unnecessary pain.

Hot stone massage

Another type of massage that you find in a Chicago spa massage, is the hot stone massage. It is also called geothermal therapy. Hot stones are placed on specific points to unblock energy channels. Many times the stones are volcanic. So, the body also receives energy from the earth. The use of the stones is complemented by a relaxing massage, very similar to the Swedish one.

The most important thing when attending a massage spa in Chicago, is to know what type of massage you require. Ask the experts for more information.