5 Frequently Asked Questions About Laserlipo

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Laserlipo

Within the possibilities of undergoing laser liposuction, many questions arise. Here we will try to collect 5 frequently asked questions that our clients have asked us. If you are interested in this topic, read on.

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What should I know before having lipolaser?

Before undergoing this treatment, it is important that the medical specialist has made a personalized study. The treatment area must be analyzed as the type of fat accumulation to treat. Thus, it is advisable to provide the clinical history to the surgeon. So that he can confirm that the patient is in condition to undergo laser liposculpture.

Does it require hospital admission?

Lipolaser is a short-term outpatient surgery. This means that it does not require hospitalization. So the recovery is faster and the patient returns home the same day.

Can lipolaser be performed on the face and neck area?

Yes, it is a high-precision laser technique. So it is compatible with all parts of the body, including the face and neck. One of the most common areas that women want to correct is the double chin. Lipolaser manages toende the flaccidity of that area safely and effectively.

Is there any problem if I want to get pregnant?

There is no problem at the time of having a laser liposculpture before becoming pregnant. Normally, women prefer to wait to give birth to undergo this intervention and recover the firmness of the skin of the abdomen. However, there is the possibility of having the lipolaser treatment before becoming pregnant. If you want to eliminate accumulated fat from other areas of the body. Under no circumstances should this treatment be performed on a pregnant woman. It could have complications.

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What special care should be taken after lipolaser?

There is really no special care beyond those recommended in the postoperative period. It is simply recommended the use of antibiotic creams for the scars. That may be present and the consumption of anti-inflammatory and analgesics to reduce swelling and discomfort if any. As soon as the patient returns to his daily life, he will be able to perform the same activities he did before the surgery. What is certain is that it is advisable to lead a healthy life by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Laserlipo Conclusion

In short, if you want to try Laser Liposuction in Chicago treatment, look no further. Its a minimally-invasive treatment that has no high risks. Our professionals are ready to give you the best service. Contact us and make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!