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Aesthetic Beauty Trends 2020

Aesthetic beauty trends in 2020

We review the main novelties in aesthetic beauty trends for 2020. Which treatments will rule the new year? 

The new year and a new decade beauty trends will hit hard in the field of aesthetics during the coming months. Treatments and interventions that we will be talking about throughout 2020, after a period in which new developments and new major advances in technology will be made. One of the main trends is the search for less invasive procedures.

More non-invasive treatments are requested, not only in Chicago but nationwide. For example, facial mesotherapy, which, depending on age and skin type, can redensify, illuminate, hydrate and, in short, rejuvenate by means of a simple injection with few to no side effects.

2020 as well as in future years, the trends in this area could be divided into three fundamental aspects that will undoubtedly make a difference:

But what are the treatments that will be most talked about?

Botox Revolution

New botulinum toxins are one of the main beauty trends in 2020, it will mean a new surge in treatments of this type. On the one hand, there is the imminent arrival of the Korean toxin, Californian toxin, Fast-acting botox, with greater speed of action that will allow many men and women to resort to it. Our technitians at Elite Chicago MedSpa are experience and can help with any questions related to Botox fillers in chicago. We are recognized as a top Botox Clinic in Chicago. Our certified technicians will proved the most professional service to guarantee your health and beauty.  

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Special attention is given to a complicated area such as the neck. You will benefit from the application of the new mini fiber optic heads of laser platforms like Fotona. What will they allow? To perform precision micro-liposculptures to eliminate the double chin and also to define the chin and the jaw line.


Fillers are still the real kings in aesthetic procedures. Dynamic rheology is already a reality and the new hyaluronic acids from Teoxane have made the difference. In 2020, hyaluronic acid will be injected in a double plane in the same session to treat the face in a more global way. It has also been proven that this way it is more effective and durable.

Succulent Lips

The lips are going to be pampered from the aesthetic point of view, but not only with the objective of achieving an increase in volume, but also with more interest in their rejuvenation and hydration.

Away with unwanted hair

Shaving is a thing of the last decade. Investing in laser hair removal treatments is by far going to be a preferred treatment. From underarms, legs, arms, face or bikini line, laser hair treatments are definitely still going strong. So ditch the shaving cream and razor and enjoy smooth supple skin. Schedule your laser hair removal today.

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