Can men get facial laser hair removal?
can men get facial laser hair removal?

Can men get facial laser hair removal?

Nowadays, many men are looking for a permanent solution for facial hair.  But the question still remains: Can men get facial laser hair removal? There is obviously a growing population of men who are seeking treatment for their faces. Because, they are tired of shaving the same spots every morning. They just want to look for the best  laser hair removal Chicago.

Can men get facial laser hair removal? Yes, men can do it to eradicate razor burn, eliminate the hassle of shaving, and sculpt their beards in a certain style.

There are many reasons to get a facial laser hair removal…

Eliminating razor burn

The skin on your face and neck is extremely sensitive. So, when you pass a razor over it every morning, you increase the chance of developing razor burn. Razor burn occurs when hair grows under the skin’s surface and the hair follicles become inflamed. As a result, itchy and painful bumps form on the skin.

This is why many men want hair removal that doesn’t cause constant irritation. The procedure works by targeting the dark pigment of the hair and sending an intense beam of light which eliminates it. Smoother skin is the result!

Goodbye facial hair

Receiving the treatment on your face will allow you to eliminate shaving altogether and saves you a lot of time. The treatment will not only remove the hair above the skin, but below the skin as well. Also, removing the entire beard eliminates the chance of any nicks or cuts!

Beard shaping or reduction

Some just want a reduction to make their shave easier. Others simply want their beards to be neatly shaped. Laser beard sculpting can help them achieve this look. Beard shaping can include the removal of hair from the neck alone, or the creation of defined lines on the upper parts of the beard. You will end up with a more polished look.

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How many times should I attend a laser hair removal clinic Chicago 

The number of treatments you need depends on the area you treat. In addition, it also depends a lot on how thick the hair is and the type of skin you have.

Frequently, and depending on the area to be treated, people need six to eight sessions.

Does laser hair removal Chicago hurt?

Like many other treatments, it will depend on the sensitivity of each person. However, due to the high technology we use, people tolerate the treatment without problems.

Are there any additional recommendations?

Normally, we recommend to avoid consuming caffeine before your treatment. Remember that caffeine can make your skin more sensitive.

If desired, the patient can take acetaminophen before treatment, although it is not necessary.

Is it a safe treatment?

Yes, facial laser hair removal is an FDA approved treatment.

If you just hate the hassle of shaving every morning and is looking for a better option, then laser treatment can be the solution. So, what are you waiting for? Go get the best hair laser removal in Chicago or anywhere! Save lots of time!

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