Laser Liposuction for Men

Laser Liposuction for Men

There are several factors that can aggravate excess body fat or localized accumulations. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, endocrine system dysfunctions, etc. For cases in which the patient presents localized fat in small amounts associated or not with flaccidity, laser lipolysis or Lipo Laser is recommended. Above all this type of liposuction is recommended for men as well as for women. But here we bring you some reasons why laser liposuction for men is the best option. Meanwhile keep reading.

laser lipo for men
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Rejuvenate yourself

First, this is a very reliable technique since it increases safety during the treatment. Most importantly, improves the post-operative period. By minimizing the trauma to the tissue surrounding the treated area.

For example thanks to the diagnostic imaging system, the entire liposuction process is ultrasound-guided. As a result, it allows the professional to see at every moment of the process what is happening under the skin. Consequently avoids the damage to uninvolved tissues. Thus defining with total precision when the process is finished in each area.

That is to say the treatment is extremely safe. It reduces the possibility of bruising and side effects.

Laser Liposuction Procedure for Men

The anesthesia used for this procedure is local for small areas or with mild sedation for larger body areas.

The anesthesia is infiltrated in the chosen area, using fine cannulas. Therefore, when the area is completely anesthetized. The fat layer is worked with the laser fiber optic.

It's very effective

As a result the destroyed adipocytes are mixed with the infiltration water used in the anesthesia process. After that are extracted using a millimetric cannula.

Once the procedure is completed. A compression garment is placed on the treated area. Moreover the patient must wear it for a period of 30 days.

Micro burns may occur which are completely unnoticeable after 24-48 hours.

Professionals use the right tools

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