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Contraindications of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Most of the time. People do not know very well the procedures that will do on their bodies. If you haven’t decided yet and you’re researching the treatment that works best for you. This article is for you. Cavitation contraindicated for people with some pathologies. So keep reading Contraindications of Ultrasonic Cavitation. If you want complete information on this treatment.


Cavitation is a non-surgical technique. For localized fat removal through the use of low-frequency ultrasound. Which applied to areas where fat concentrated to dissolve the fat cells inside. Subsequently, the fat excreted through the urine or the lymphatic system.
This technique used to drop cellulite and padded skin. Restoring the normal appearance of the skin in the treated area. While improving blood circulation, and eliminating toxins. And increasing the tone and elasticity of the tissue.

Contraindications of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Prior medical examination. Is required for the use of cavitation since the technique. Is contraindicated in the following cases:
• Patients who have pacemakers or other electronic devices implanted
• Patients with hypercholesterolemia
• Hypertriglyceridemia patients
• Having kidney failure
• When there is liver failure
• Women who are pregnant
• Breastfeeding mothers

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation is not without risks and must. Applied by a specialist in aesthetic medicine since it cannot be so used. In areas close to vital organs as it can damage them. Also, inexperienced use can cause burns and blisters due. To the high temperatures produced by low-frequency ultrasound equipment.

Contraindications of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Contraindications of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Typically, a dozen 40-minute sessions (three days between each session) are so needed. To achieve measurable results. After each session, drainage techniques (massage or compression therapy). 

Recommended to promote the elimination of fat cells. And prevent them from being so reabsorbed. 

Also, to drop fat and toxins, you should drink 1.5 liters of water before and after each class. It is also recommended to follow a low-calorie diet. For a few days before starting cavitation therapy.