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Does laser hair removal work for all hair types?

Does laser hair removal work for all hair types?

Today, laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. Laser hair removal chicago is an affordable alternative to the terrible routine of shaving and waxing. Say goodbye to unwanted hair with the best laser hair removal in Chicago at Elite Chicago Spa. Read on to discover how laser hair removal works on your hair color and skin type.

But does chicago laser hair removal  work for all hair color?

Well, laser hair removal does not work for all hair colors or types.

The pigment attracts lasers. Which means they work best on hair that is brown or darker. The laser simply doesn’t work as well on non-pigmented hair as light blonde, light red, and white hair.

It is also very ideal if your hair is thick. Very fine hair will not capture the laser well. However, everything could change in the future as there is research that states that lasers will work on less pigmented hair. There is a new technology called LightSheer Desire that can be used on all hair types and colors (except gray), although people with blonde or light red locks should not have high expectations.

An interesting fact to keep in mind is that it won’t really work if you’ve recently shaved. However, you can shave right before your session! You will get the best results if you do this because that way you can focus on the hair follicle. Hair removal completely removes the hair follicle! Don’t forget that if you have to wax, do it at least a week before so that the hair follicle has time to regrow.

Does laser hair removal work for all skin types?

Unlike hair color, laser hair removal works on most skin types.

This is thanks to new technologies that expand the range of laser hair removal possibilities! Laser hair removal works on all skin tones and complexions – as long as the center uses the correct lasers. For example, for darker skin, a wavelength is needed that avoids the epidermis and removes hair at the root. However, if you have a darker skin tone, be sure to check with your doctor. Also, minimize tanning before your session; Professionals do not recommend self-tanners at least two weeks before treatment. This is primarily to avoid chances of the laser targeting the skin pigment.

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