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Risks of Lipolaser

Risks of Lipolaser Conclusion

Laser Fat Removal or Laser Lipo is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses laser heat to melt away the extra fat on your body. Here is the list of risks of lipolaser that you should take in account before you apply to this treatment. 

Risk #1
Blood clotting

It is very important to rigorously use the postoperative girdle, as this will prevent blood clotting. Antibiotics, drains and massages are also vital to avoid these complications.

Risk #2
Burns caused by the laser:

It is likely that welts may appear due to burns caused by the laser, but in case this happens, you should not worry, because they are not strong burns and the sequelae disappear over time.

Risk #3
Appearance of infections:

These complications are quite common and occur depending on each body; just as there are people who are not prone to infections, there are others who are, for this reason it is vital that you follow the doctor’s instructions and be very rigorous with each of the care, including the use of antibiotics.

Laser lipo burns

Risk #4
Accumulation of liquid:

It is very likely that under the skin an accumulation of liquid is generated; this type of residue comes from the extraction of dead fat cells. Although it is not very common for this type of complication to occur, there is still a probability, therefore it is important to notify the doctor in case you feel or present any anomaly.

risks of laser liposuction

Risk #5
Slow healing:

All bodies are different and it is for this reason that there are people whose healing is too slow, which implies a longer recovery time. Even so, there is nothing to worry about, if you eat a healthy diet and follow all the care and recommendations made by the surgeon, then it is likely that the healing process will be much better.

anesthesia for lipolaser

Risk #6

General anesthesia is one of the most common risks in this type of intervention, which is why in some cases local anesthesia is used, thus reducing the complications and possible risks that may arise in case of putting a patient to sleep.

Risk #7
Excessive bleeding:

During and after the intervention there may be too much bleeding, for this reason it is very important to perform the appropriate tests before and after surgery, thus avoiding bleeding. In addition, you must also follow to the letter each of the cares that are part of the postoperative period, which will contribute to a better recovery.

Risks of Lipolaser Conclusion

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