Everything you Need to Know About Microneedling

Everything you want to know about microneedles

Having a facial treatment is one of the most successful actions nowadays, since it delays the aging of the face, relaxing the musculature and preventing even cervical discomfort. It regenerates, revitalizes and hydrates the skin, eliminating impurities and dead cells. It provides luminosity and brightness

What is Microneedling?

Simply put, it is a minimally invasive dermatological treatment. The technique applied at Elite Chicago Spa , an automatic microneedling device to induce skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It uses a disposable head with 12 sterile stainless steel needles that pierce the skin opening microchannels that facilitate the transdermal absorption of active ingredients with regenerative function..

Our service has a lot of benefits, but we will mention the main ones:

– Reduces expression lines.
– Evens out your skin tone.
– Reduces imperfections.
– Smoothes and tones your skin.
– Reduces stretch marks on your body.
– Improves the appearance of scars.
– It can be performed on all skin types, even on blemished skin.
– The results are long lasting.
– It is not a painful procedure

Microneedling is the most used facial treatment at present thanks to its high efficacy, its ambulatory and painless application have positioned it quickly, besides being one of the safest treatments at present, which has the approval and regularization of the FDA.

Microneedling can treat the neck and face, giving your skin a new look and completely rejuvenating it.

In one month you can see the difference in your face and neck.


It is important to clarify that in this type of procedure there may always be some risks. There are active infections such as bacteria, fungi and warts. That is why it is necessary for each person to take the necessary precautions. And do it in a place that is totally safe and prevented. About Elite Chicago Spa

How is the procedure done?

The most important thing is that this treatment must be performed by professionals. They must clean and disinfect the area very well. After that, they proceed to apply the combination of treatments that will help improve . The health and appearance of the skin. Then, microneedle devices are used on the skin. Thus, using circular movements, the entire treatment is performed. The procedure is really short. It lasts about 20 minutes.

When thinking of needles, we can think that it is a treatment that requires anesthesia. But no, thanks to the shallow depth of the needles, the procedure is completely tolerable. Small spots of blood may appear. But they are the natural reactions of the skin. In some cases where the skin is very sensitive,. It is possible to apply a topical anesthetic, thus making it easier and calmer for the patient.