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Guide To Summertime Microderm

Guide To Summertime Microderm

Summer is a great season to get a Microderm treatment. Most people don’t know about this but even if it is a great season, preparation is needed. Today we have a guide to summertime Microderm. If you want to learn how to prepare, its benefits, and why to do it during this time, we have you covered. So, make sure to read on to learn how useful this treatment is. Especially during this beautiful season in our city. So, read on to learn more about this treatment during this season.

guide to summertime microderm

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How to prepare for Microderm in Summer

As with any other treatment, it is important that you prepare for this one. In our guide to summertime Microderm, we want to talk a bit about that. The first thing to do is to go with your professional. They will let you know the type of products to use and stop using. Also, remember that before this treatment you need to stop using any retinol-based creams. This will make the process a lot easier. Also, you will need to stop any other facial treatments you’re having. This will be for a while before you get your Microderm treatment.

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Risks of Microderm during Summer

When preparing for this treatment, it is also important to know the risks. One of them is that, due to the season, your skin is keener to get irritated. So, keep that in mind. Keep this in mind if you are going outside. While you can do it, it is better to stay indoors and wait for the recovery time to pass. Thankfully, isn’t that long. Now, for any treatment remember to always consult a professional. Like us! Here at Elite Chicago Spa, you’ll get the best treatments and consultations. So, call today and schedule your facial treatment with us.

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