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Laser Liposuction Before and After

Laser Liposuction is a non-invasive treatment that breaks down fat cells in specific areas to reduce subcutaneous fat pockets. The best possible guarantee of the quality of any type of intervention is the comparison between before and after the process. So, let’s talk about the differences between laser liposuction before and after. The testimony comes from a patient who took Best Laser Liposuction treatment in Chicago.

What is Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction or lipo laser, as its name indicates, is a technique that attacks the body fat by means of high-intensity laser light, dissolving the adipose cells to allow its extraction without damaging the rest of the tissues. The key to this technique is that it removes fat and tightens the skin by stimulating collagen production. Which achieves the desired aesthetic effect and promotes immediate recovery without bruising or bleeding.

It is very effective in larger areas (abdomen, flanks or legs) as well as in small rebel areas (double chin, chest, lower abdomen). And also in areas where the skin tissue is more sensitive and tends to sag, such as the inner side of the arms. In general terms, this technique reduces the risks of traditional liposuction, offers better results, and helps combat cellulite.

laser lipo before and after


Before Laser Liposuction

“As a child, I remember having a bulging belly and a pair of shiny cheeks when I looked in the mirror. I was never a girl’s size or the girl who could be dressed in the same clothes as some mannequin that “represented” a body my age. As I grew older, my parents had to look for more oversized pants and sweaters in sections that were not my age but older.”. A testimony of C, a satisfied patient.

After Laser Liposuction

“I had the procedure done on February 15, I was scared, but before, I told myself I was done breast, and I left unprepared. It lasted approximately 3 hours since they took the time to do it calmly and patiently. The truth is that during the procedure, I felt some discomfort when they worked on my back. However, the doctor applied more anesthesia otherwise, everything was very normal, with no trauma. I only felt two anesthesia punctures, regular and super tolerable. I ended up calm. The two doctors gave me all their recommendations to me and my companion.”

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Advantages of laser liposuction

As we have mentioned before, it is a non-invasive procedure. This makes the healing process much faster. Returning to daily activities is faster. The fact that it is a painless procedure gives it many advantages over other types of treatments. The scars it can leave are minimal. They can heal quickly compared to scars like those left by traditional liposuction. Physiotherapy is not necessary. There is a great advantage. Thanks to advances in the market, devices that fulfill this function are manufactured.
Laser liposuction before and after results
That is, people can have them at home. But this must be under the supervision and it must be checked by a professional. The most recommended is to do it in a medical center, such as the Elite Chicago Spa, where we have the best professionals. Another advantage of this treatment is that no heating elements or electrical currents are used.

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So the discomfort is minimal, the fat is removed only in places where the patient wants to lose weight, and in those places where fat removal is not necessary, the treatment allows them to be left completely healthy. The treatment is so effective that, from the first session, magnificent results are seen.  Finally, there is an important advantage to highlight. For people suffering from obesity, this turns out to be a very effective treatment. Taking into account that it increases the metabolism of adipose cells, Furthermore, it is a procedure that has no medical contraindications; it is safe because it does not affect any organ, tissue, or membrane. It is medically safe. 
Thanks to the low dose of light energy, a rejuvenating effect is achieved on the skin. It can also correct mistakes made by previously performed liposuction. Sagging skin will definitely not be a problem after this procedure; it maintains and rejuvenates the skin of each patient.
Laser liposuction before and after

What happens after a lipo laser intervention?

It is important to know that after any procedure, you have to be careful. It is necessary to know what the side effects can be on the body. There may be skin irritation and minor bruises may grow, causing discomfort for a few days. This depends on each skin type. Skin care is essential to avoid infections or scars. In cases of carelessness, blood clots can be generated. These are some of the possible short-term effects that the procedure can present. However, since it is something new, possible long-term effects are still being studied.

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Who can have laser liposuction?

Keep in mind that if you meet any of the following conditions, it is advisable not to attend a laser lipo consultation. If you are pregnant, if you are under the age of 18, or if you have any existing medical conditions.

What are the results?

The results are usually small, so it must be a procedure that is complemented by diet and exercise. If your body has areas with accumulated fat, with diet, exercise, and some lipo laser sessions, this can improve. However, this is not the only solution for weight loss goals.

How many sessions do I need to complete the process?

This depends on several things, including the number of areas to be treated. It will also depend on the amount of fat that the patient wants to reduce. In general, the basic treatment may only require one session, although this may depend on the treating doctor and the center where the procedure is performed. This is really a very fast process.

Is laser lipo right for me?

Now that you have had a little more information about laser lipo, below you will also have a small excerpt from a life story of a woman satisfied with results. You can then decide if this is the best procedure for you and what you want to achieve. Remember that it is important to always consult with professionals, if you have made a decision or have any questions, do not wait to contact Elite Spa Chicago.

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In conclusion, the procedure was successfully done to the patient. If you want to try it by yourself, feel free to call us and schedule an appointment.