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What are the Risks of Laser Fat Removal?

What Are The Risks Of Laser Fat Removal?

Laser Liposuction or Laser Fat Removal is a non-invasive treatment that breaks down fat cells in specific areas to reduce subcutaneous fat pockets. It’s way better than traditional liposuction, just because needs invasive surgery and you don’t need to be asleep to be treated. But let the professionals of our Spa in Chicago answer what are the risks of Laser Fat Removal?

Is Laser Liposuction a risky procedure?

Risks of Laser Fat Removal

Every procedure has its risks, but Laser Fat Removal is pretty safe.

First is a minimally invasive procedure. This allows recovery to be considerably faster. The bruising, swelling, and hematomas produced in this procedure are minimal. That is why most patients return to work in a shorter period.

The only incision needed is to make space for the cannula to get in the skin and suck the melted fat that the laser helped to remove.

Does hurt is a risk for Laser Fat Removal?

This procedure is completely pain-free. However, after the process is completed, the patient may feel tired and thirsty. The cure for this is to drink plenty of water and rest while the body rids itself of toxins and remaining fat. Also, the professionals in Spa Chicago recommend that the patient must take 3 or 4 days of downtime.

How many time do the session lasts?

Regularly, Laser Fat Removal sessions last about an hour per area. They may last a little more depending on the location undergoing the procedure.

Results may be seen within a week after the session, but the actual results will appear gradually over two to six months. The patient should only need one treatment to experience full effects. But of course, it will depend on his will to maintain these results by drinking water, doing exercise, and having a healthy diet.

In conclusion, Laser Fat Removal or Laser Liposuction is a very safe and effective process. Don’t take too much time and can make wonders for your body. If you want to book a date for the best Laser Fat Removal in Chicago contact us. We have just one life to enjoy our bodies. Welcome to our Spa in Chicago.

Want to reduce your extra fat?

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What are the risks of laser fat removal?

What are the risks of laser fat removal?