Laser Liposuction: Jowls

Laser Liposuction: Jowls

One of the most frequently asked questions for people. Who wants to undergo aesthetic treatment is. If there is the possibility of eliminating localized fat in certain parts of the body. There are people who feel insecure about their faces and want to change their appearance. So, if you want to have all the details, continue reading. Laser Liposuction: Jowls 

What is Laser Liposuction?

This treatment eliminates localized fat effectively and without such a long recovery. Local anesthesia used, or it can also depend on each person. At Elite Chicago Spa, we offer you the best treatment options.
The technique used in this procedure is the laser. In the case of double chins, it is possible to use a laser with two types of wavelength. One of them serves to melt localized fat, And the other, with which it is possible to contract the skin. By heating the tissues.
This procedure is essential so that an effective elimination of fat can carried out. For some patients, reversing the curve of the excess skin on the neck is even more effective. Because, in reality, the volume of fat that can eliminated is small.
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The Process

When the laser lipo sessions are going to performed on the face, A tiny incision. Is made from there. The anesthesia chosen by the patient applied. Through the incision, the optical fiber. Is introduced. Which comes into contact with the fat. melted it.
The melted fat removed from the body using a liposuction cannula. The cannula is very thin and fine, thanks to its advanced technology. To finish, the specialist introduces the optical fiber once again. To proceed with heating the tissues. Which produces a contraction of the skin.

The Advantages

Lipolaser treatment on jowls, face, and neck. It based on a safe technique. Thanks to the possibilities offered by flexible optics. It is a great advantage for the doctor when it comes to fat removal.
The results of the lipolaser on the jowls, face, and neck are quite satisfactory. This is because, besides to eliminating localized fat. The skin contracts. 
This makes the sagging disappear. The laser used for these sessions It stimulates the generation of collagen. With this, the skin adapts better to the contour without the fat.

This type of treatment has It is usually done under local anesthesia and light sedation. The patient is fully aware of the procedure but in a state of relaxation without any discomfort.

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