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Common Glow Facial Questions

Our users have thousands of questions about new treatments. It is normal to have a lot of doubts. This treatment is one of the most complete ways to have radiant and blemish-free skin. If you have a lot of doubts but. Are interested in one of our facial treatments, Do not hesitate to ask us and communicate with us. To know all the factors of this treatment very well, read on. Common Glow Facial Questions.

Common Glow Facial Questions

What is a Glow Facial?

This treatment is amazing; it is a facial procedure. It originated in Korea a few years ago. Its main aim is to lighten spots and imperfections in general on the skin. It will blur wrinkles, noticeably reduce odious dilated pores, and drop red skin. Provide luminosity and hydration. And immediately improve dull, suffocated, and dehydrated skin. Its effect is cumulative and although the results can. Be seen from the first session and almost immediately, as the days and sessions. Go by, the improvement is amazing.

What is glow facial

Common Glow Facial Questions

Is this a micro pigmentation or a tattoo?

It is normal for people to confuse the technology of more nanoneedles, with a tattoo. But the answer is no. This treatment is cosmetic. That applies at the epidemic level. Which helps the skin to have an incredible texture and a very pleasing appearance. And best of all, it causes a “permanent makeup” effect.

Does this treatment remove stains?

The answer isn’t exactly to delete them or not. The treatment, rather, what it does is cover the imperfections. It blurs them and eliminates them progressively. This means that with the passing of the sessions is when they will disappear. The changes are not seen immediately

Glow Facial questions

Common Glow Facial Questions

How is the treatment applied?

This treatment carried out using a micro-needling technique. It is a technology of nano-needles that helps products enter the skin effectively. Also, it is 100% effective. So, we can have porcelain skin with completely safe treatment.

How long does the effect last?

On average, the effects of this treatment last from 6 months to 1 year. This depends on the care and skin type of each patient. This takes into account each person. Is different and all skins react differently.

Common Glow Facial Questions

How many sessions do I need?

This data is not completely accurate. So, on average, The smallest of 3 sessions and the greatest of 10 are so needed. This is because its effect is cumulative and although the results can. Be seen from the first session and almost immediately. As the days and sessions go by, the improvement is amazing.

Can I go to the beach?

Yes, although sun care is very important. It is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun for at least. Two weeks before and two weeks after the application of the treatment.


• Always apply sunscreen.
• For at least 48 hours, avoid wearing makeup.
• No dermatological treatments in the next two weeks
• For two weeks, no laser or wax hair removal.
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