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Popular relaxation techniques for anxiety


Relaxation techniques are strategies used to reduce stress and anxiety. These techniques can also be used to manage symptoms of panic disorder and help a person get through a panic attack. Relaxation techniques work to manage the fight-or-flight response, or stress reaction. So, why wait? Learn more about the popular relaxation techniques for anxiety.

To get the most out of these relaxation techniques, it is important that you practice them often. Pick a technique that appeals to you and fits in with your lifestyle. And aim to practice it for at least 5-10 minutes a day.


Deep Breathing Techniques


Breathing exercises are the foundation of many other relaxation techniques and are very easy to learn. These exercises work to help you breathe slowly and deeply, which can allow you to feel more relaxed. Breathing exercises have been known to have a cleansing effect. Thus, they will make you feel energized and refreshed. Also, deep breathing brings your focus and attention to the breathing process. Therefore, clearing your mind and helping you to control the rhythm of your breath.

These exercises can help improving other common symptoms of panic, such as decreasing rapid heart rate and managing shortness of breath. So, try to take deep breaths every now and then.



Visualization is a powerful way to let go of stress and anxiety. Through visualization, you use your imagination to picture yourself in a more calming environment. You can be at a beach or in a peaceful lake.

Also, it works to relax your body and soothe your thoughts. You can actually allow your mind and body to feel as though you are there!

Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Progressive muscle relaxation is an effective anxiety-reducing technique. It involves decreasing the tension throughout your body while calming any anxious thoughts. Furthermore, it involves tightening and releasing various muscle groups to lessen bodily tension. And when practiced over time, it can help you recognize when your muscles are constricted and more easily release physical discomfort.

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