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Science and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Most of the people who are going to undergo treatment for these. Many times, do not have complete information. About the components or the history of each procedure. Well, now in this article, we will talk a little more about how cavitation works at a scientific level. What is it about and what are the factors that influence it so that this ingenious advance. Can cute fat from your body? So keep reading Science and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation

Most of the time, people are so satisfied with knowing that it is an aesthetic treatment. But they have not realized that it really is a shocking physical phenomenon. A brief explanation of the cavitation machine could. Be explained by cavitation in piping systems.
Cavitation is a physical phenomenon by which a liquid, under certain conditions. It goes into a gaseous state. And then, it goes back to a liquid state. With this information, we can now have a broader vision of the operation of this machinery.

Science and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation and physics

The phenomenon of cavitation occurs at the moment in which a liquid. Applies certain ultrasound waves at a certain frequency. These frequencies pass, generating expansion waves that carry a negative pressure. and positive understanding.

If this procedure is so carried out correctly, with the correct ultrasound intensity. This can cause the formation. Growth, and decompression of vapor bubbles. This happens in the liquid, so the formation of gaseous cavities occurs.
Cavitation consists of the phenomenon of formation. Of vapor zones within a liquid. After that, the substances collapse and cause a drop in the pressure of this liquid. 

This dynamic is very like that of boiling. The difference is that with the cavitation phenomenon. The vapor tension rises until it exceeds the liquid pressure.

Science and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation in aesthetics

One of the most sought-after research objectives, especially in aesthetic medicine. It is to find effective methods that reduce excess fat cells. which is under the fabric. But, without resorting to invasive surgery, no anesthesia and no pain. 
So, taking advantage of the phenomenon of cavitation. Which produces sound waves with a low frequency. It helps to easily dissolve fat cells. 
So, with aesthetic scalers, it has been possible to perform this procedure. Cavitation treatment uses devices that barely rub the skin. In localized areas of the body, with hardly any risk to patients.
The results of cavitation are many and visible from the first treatment. An aesthetic improvement and a significant reduction in fat are immediately noticeable.
 With an increase in the tone and elasticity of the skin tissue.
Science and Ultrasonic Cavitation

Science and Ultrasonic Cavitation