The Evolution Of Non-Surgical Treatments

In this blog, we have talked about. All the non-surgical treatments offered by our wonderful spa. But, it is never too much to know a little about the historical and social context of these procedures. So we will take a short tour through history. To learn about the origins and evolution of these treatments to reduce fat. So if you want more information, continue reading. The Evolution Of Non-Surgical Treatments

First part

During the 19th century, doctors and aesthetic medicine. Brought an impressive development to history. Thanks to this, the benefits for humanity were greater and greater. One of these advances was the evolution of antibiotics. Which made it possible to create new procedures. One of these procedures was performed by a specific group of doctors. Today, it may seen as something not so important. But from there, they began to make dissections of the skin. This is to remove fat.

Evolution of Treatments

The Evolution Of Non-Surgical Treatments

This was arguably the first medical approach to fat removal. This, for obvious reasons, had a lot of contraindications. On the one hand, the pain after the operation was extreme. Also, this left very noticeable marks and scars on the skin. Which meant patients would left with marks for life. Thanks to this failure, it was necessary to wait until the 20th century.
At this point, there was further development in technology. There has been considerable development in antibiotics. There were also advances in local and general anesthesia. This allowed doctors to give the process another chance.

Part 2

During the 1970s, cosmetic surgery became a topic of conversation and debate among many people. This was thanks to the fact that many Hollywood stars began to undergo surgeries. To improve the appearance of their bodies. During that period of time, liposculpture had great importance.

Thanks to the first successes in medical advances. People had the opportunity to alter their lives and physical appearance. And other aspects. This is how the modern surgery we know as liposuction was developed until 1990.


Liposuction has been the origin of each one of the techniques or treatments to reduce fat. So that’s why we must mention it if we want to talk about history. This technique perfected thanks to the research of surgeons around the world. A renowned surgeon commissioned to develop high-definition laser liposuction.

With this method, it was possible to use ultrasound energy to burst the fat cells. That exist in the patients’ bodies. The other good thing was that besides removing the fat. It was possible to do it without damaging the other vital tissues. Also, Recovery times were much shorter. This meant that patients could return to all activities in a much shorter time.

Evolution Of Treatments lipolaser
It is clear that this procedure has evolved thanks to the contributions of doctors around the world. There are more and more security measures. That can help people be calmer with fat reduction treatments. Well, now, thanks to great technological advances. Many more treatments have developed tocute fat that are not surgical. Well, let’s find out what they are and their origins are.
Cryopolisis treatment


Cryopolisis, or “coolsculpting,” It is a non-invasive dermatological procedure. It used for the elimination of body fat through the cold. This method was developed by scientists from Massachusetts and Harvard University. It is a plate-shaped device that applied to the skin to cool adipocytes. Thanks to the application of cold, fat cells break down. This treatment can be an alternative to liposuction, with the difference that it is not invasive at all. So, there are no risks for the patient. This procedure is currently in advanced clinical research phases. And has given positive results.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Aesthetic cavitation is an alternative method to liposuction. Thanks to the fact that it is very innovative, it breaks the resistance of the most difficult areas to treat with grease. Something very important about this treatment is that before each session. It is recommended to drink a lot of water, and to have had a very low calorie diet for the treatment to have good results.
Aesthetic cavitation owes much to the findings of the scientist Marie Curie. Thanks to her valuable discoveries about radioactivity.