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The Most Common Fat Removal Treatments

The Most Common Fat Removal Treatments

We know that fat reduction treatments have advanced exponentially. We want our clients to have access to extensive information, so this article will mention some of the most common fat removal treatments. Do not forget that, if any of them catches your attention, you must inform yourself very well. Aesthetic treatments should always be carried out with the greatest safety.

Renuvion, Lipo Vaser, and Lipolaser

Minimally invasive, with the greatest correction capacity

We have, in the first place, the traditional liposuction. This corresponds to a surgical intervention that eliminates the excess of accumulated fat in some parts of the body. Generally, in this procedure, a cannula is used, connected to a suction system. which works to dispose of fatty deposits. Liposuction was a key element for fat removal without scars. Because, before its invention, excess fat was removed by removing it. Directly along with the skin, leaving serious consequences and health problems.

Another of the most common fat removal treatments is laser liposuction. If you want to have more detailed information about this treatment, visit Elite Chicago Spa. This technique differs in several aspects from traditional liposuction.

the most common fat removal treatments


 The most detailed information on this can be found in the article What is Laser Liposuction? However, the clearest difference that we must take into account is that the intervention by laser liposuction is minimally invasive, whose objective is also the elimination of fat. But, the clearest difference that we must take into account is that the intervention by laser liposuction is invasive. Whose goal is also the elimination of fat. But as an advantage, it reduces pain and inflammation. Also, it helps reduce cellulite. This treatment arose as an evolution of traditional liposuction. Its first uses were in Colombia. If you want to know more about the origins of this technique, go here.


The last of this line is the lipovaser. This is a surgical technique that removes fat through ultrasound. This technique gives the possibility of sculpting the body. The procedure is done through a thin cannula, which allows excess fat to be removed while preserving the tissues. Thus, it is possible to reduce bleeding and other bothersome effects in the postoperative period. This technique is used for aesthetic purposes, such as mesotherapy or liposuction. It is important to highlight that this procedure reduces the risks of surgical intervention. As a result, it is a very safe technique.
There are many advantages offered by each of these liposuction techniques. The benefits increase depending on the evolution of the methods. So let’s summarize the above. Liposuction is the most traditional method at the lowest cost, with effective results and small scars. The lipolaser has more effective results. The laser light allows a greater contraction in the skin. In addition, it has a faster and less painful postoperative period. It has minimal inflammation and minimal scarring. The lipovaser, the newest method, allows marking in all areas of the body. Thanks to his techniques, bleeding is less, with a better postoperative period and minimal scarring. It is important to mention that each of these procedures must be implemented with all security measures. It is also necessary for each person to investigate the risks of each one. If you want to know about the safety of one of these processes, go to Is Laser Liposuction a Safe Procedure?
The Most Common Fat Removal Treatments
Trending Fat Removal Treatments of 2022

Injection of lipolysis

Another one of the most common fat removal treatments. It corresponds to injections of lipolysis which have become a really effective treatment for fat removal. It is a fast and painless treatment. It helps to reduce the accumulation temporarily. What it does is mobilize the fat and replace the formation of new deposits. It is a very effective treatment for some more complex areas of the body, such as the insides of the arms. So, the  action of this treatment corresponds to a natural process of lipolysis. In the patient’s adipose tissue in such a way that it favors the mobilization of fats and transforms them into energy. What comes after is very important for this treatment. It is necessary to maintain the fat as the treatment leaves it, but this requires a treatment with a balanced diet and constant exercise habits.
Unlike the other elements mentioned, this requires permanent treatments in which. In some cases, it will be necessary to incorporate monopolar radiofrequency with ultrasound. This is if the localized fat to be treated has a very large volume. If you want more information about the injection procedure, click here. For example, each of the procedures has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want to know what the risks of laser fat removal techniques are, you can visit What are the Risks of Laser Fat Removal? It is important to know all the data when performing an aesthetic procedure. At Elite Chicago Spa, we have the best specialists.
The Most Common Fat Removal Treatments liposuction

Radiofrequency without contact Vanquish

It requires a minimum of 4 sessions. To finish, we are going to mention the newest technique and the one that is least known in the market. Another of the most common fat removal treatments, the VANQUISH radio frequency This, like the others, is a treatment to eliminate fat. It is a multipolar radiofrequency device that does not have any type of contact with the patient. It is a wide band that contains real-time impedance circuits. It is fully approved by the FDA.
This treatment intervenes with the temperature of the skin. Generating cell destruction of adipocytes, which means a loss of volume in the treated area.
The Vanquish is designed to direct the thermal effect towards the deep tissue. This is possible thanks to the radio frequency field that focuses on the deep layers of the tissue. Excessive fat accumulates there.
This treatment works as an alternative to liposuction, but without discomfort or side effects. Like lipolytic injections, it requires a strict diet and physical activity to maintain results. Another advantage of this procedure is that it manages to destroy the fat without damaging the surrounding tissues. The selective radiofrequency works only on the fat. As mentioned above. The Vanquish technology works by heating only the adipose tissue. Keeping it between 45 and 46 degrees Celsius, while the skin is kept at 40. The technology of this treatment is so advanced. That it only starts when there is time to identify the presence of a layer of fat of a certain thickness.
The Most Common Fat elimination Treatments


These are some of the most common treatments to remove fat. There are more, but due to their effectiveness and safety in procedures, these are the ones that are most used by patients. The information given above has been mentioned in other articles. However, the information on radio frequency did not spread too much. If you want to know more about it, visit Does Radiofrequency Fat Reduction Work? We will be attentive to any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact Elite Spa Chicago.