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Things That Cause Pigmentation

Things That Cause Pigmentation

When it comes to beauty standards, we’ve broken the chains of most of them. Some people are more comfortable with what they have and that is amazing. Yet, skin pigmentation is a bit of a controversial thing still. Some people like it, and some people don’t. While it isn’t bad, there are some things that cause pigmentation that could look out for. Just in case you want to prevent it. While it isn’t bad, if it appears and you don’t like it, there are ways to prevent it. And today we have a quick guide to talk about all the things that cause pigmentation.. Also, you can read our post Skin Detox Routine.

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Hormonal changes

There is a saying when it comes to pigmentation. “The pregnancy mask”. Women are more likely to get pigmentation, especially during their pregnancy. This is something normal that could happen and it could go away after being pregnant. Yet, any type of hormonal change could trigger pigmentation so, watch out for that.


The main thing that causes melasma is the sun. To no one’s surprise of course, but, it causes it. It is important that whenever you’re outside you use sunscreen. You should always have a bit with you to prevent any sun damage or in this case, pigmentation.

Birth control pills

Touching again on the previous topics. Anything that affects your hormones, has a chance to affect your skin. Some women could see that happening while others not. It depends on the person. Yet, if you want to avoid pigmentation on your skin, you could try a different birth-control method.

Things That Cause Pigmentation

Some skin products

This is rare but could happen. Again, we all have different skin. And with that, not all treatments can be applied the same way. If you start using a new product and see pigmentation, that might be the cause of it. So, always consult a professional before using anything on your skin.

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