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Top aesthetic trends of 2021

We are already starting the year. The good thing about a new year is that you can start it off on a high note. This is the time to make those aesthetic touches that you have wanted so much. Do you know what the Top Aesthetic Trends Of 2021?

Lip Fillers Chicago

One of the trend treatments for this 2021 is lip augmentation. This treatment allows you to have your lips augmented in a progressive manner and with material that does not represent a health risk. The treatment is applied through small injections with very fine needles. The intervention is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. This is a common procedure to avoid possible discomfort. As it is an intervention without surgery, the patient will be able to return to work and continue with his daily life immediately.

Some aspects to take into account before taking the best lip fillers in Chicago treatment from Elite Chicago Spa is that the volume and shape of the lips establish to a great extent the structure of our face.


Because of this, you should take into consideration the opinion of a professional before opting for the treatment, however, is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural component, there will be almost no adverse effects and it will rejuvenate that area of the face.


This is because lip fillers not only give volume but also shape, and improve the appearance of the skin in that area.


Finally, and in the remote case that the results are not as expected, the treatment can be reversed without any problem.


Now if you want to get rid of those horrible wrinkles you can opt for Botox Cosmetic, the best botox Chicago. Botox is ideal for looking younger. Besides, it is a trend as a cosmetic treatment this year. The procedure is outpatient so you can return to your daily routine immediately.

Plasma skin tightening

One of the most revolutionary current techniques to rejuvenate the face is the use of plasma or plasma pen, which is used on specific areas of the skin to promote the natural production of collagen and elastin.

This causes the skin to look visibly younger after a few sessions, and there is a noticeable decrease in wrinkles, crow’s feet, warts, and even eliminates small tattoos.

In addition, the treatment is quick recovery and the only previous care is not to expose yourself too much to the sun.

Afterward, the face should be gently washed with water and neutral soap, and sun exposure should be avoided again, however, depending on the case, you should pay attention to the professional recommendations for your particular conditions.

Schedule the best plasma skin tightening Chicago and renew yourself this season with the trendy treatment that guarantees the best results. The number of sessions will also depend on each case, however, there are cases in which one session has been enough to see significant changes in skin conditions.


This 2021 is also the time to get rid of those horrible little tires and localized fat. Perhaps this accumulated fat has not been able to be eliminated by exercise or diet. It’s best to resort to coolsculptuing. This procedure is ideal for women and men who simply want to look more shapely. Schedule Coolsculpting in Chicago today! This is a non-surgical treatment. In that sense, you do not need long recovery processes. CoolSculpting, a technique that uses cold to kill off those localized fat cells that are so difficult to remove.

Diffuse dark circles under the eyes

Another trendy treatment is the procedure to blur the very ugly dark circles under the eyes! In cesesario make retouches aimed to take care and embelecer our faces. Dark circles under the eyes cause a tired or sad look. With the correction of dark circles under the eyes you will be able to erase this aspect of permanent fatigue. Also you will rejuvenate the look and restore brightness and luminosity. Another advantage is that it avoids the formation of edema and since this is a treatment created to treat this area, the results last a whole year.

Laser Hair Removal

The best Spas in Chicago offer laser hair removal. This is one of the best treatments there is to get rid of those uncomfortable and ugly hairs. During laser hair removal, a laser emits light and the hair pigment abosrbs it. The light energy changes into heat, which damages the tube-like sacs within the skin that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. This treatment is highly effective. This is the case for legs, bikini line and underarms it is practically 100% effective. In the thighs, forearms and buttocks where the hair is thinner and permanent hair removal is achieved in 90%. 

This is because the finest and light-colored hair does not respond to laser treatment. Laser Hair Removal Chicago has revolutionized the beauty industry. You’ll be able to look smoother and clearer. And you no longer have to worry about painful waxing.

Cosmetic treatments are and will always be necessary. It is essential that you take care of your skin. Beyond looking good, the health of your skin is important. Besides that, we always need to set aside some time to pamper and take care of ourselves.

Start 2021 differently by consenting and taking time for yourself. We recommend that you attend a personalized diagnosis to obtain the treatment best suited to your case. This in order to achieve the best results. Visit the best medical spa in Chicago and enhance your natural beauty.