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What are the spots on the skin?

What are the spots on the skin?

If you casually glance in the mirror… And you discover a spot on your skin that had gone unnoticed until now. But you should be aware of What are the spots on the skin? But if you have questions about some treatments, here we have Common Glow Facial Questions. 


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Painless, but aesthetically annoying and important for the diagnosis of some diseases: this is what skin blemishes are. The pigmentation of the skin is due to specialized cells found in the epidermis: melanocytes. Specifically, they are in the stratum basal. Which are the deepest layer within the epidermis and the one that gives rise to the keratinocytes. So, the cells that migrate outwards and serve as insulation from the environment: the stratum corneum.

Melanocytes owe their name to the fact that they produce the pigment melanin in a process called melanogenesis. Melanin is responsible for protecting the skin against UV rays. Also, it gives us our skin color; it also gives our hair and eyes their color. This melanin is transferred to the keratinocytes ‘neighboring’ the melanocyte, which become pigmented. The greater the amount of melanin transferred, the greater the pigmentation.

What kind of spots do I have?

In the universe of skin pigmentations, there are many types. And both the approach to be taken for their treatment. Their success will depend radically on their correct identification: this will be crucial. We will by no means follow the same guidelines to try to improve our appearance. Like as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, solar lentigo or melasma. There are so many other categories, which are less common. But today we will talk about the most common types and those with the highest incidence.

The treatment of spots is the field of action of specialists in skin health: dermatologists. We remind you that for any type of blemish or skin alteration that appears. They will be the professionals of reference to whom you should go as soon as possible.

What are the spots on the skin

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