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What is a body contouring treatment?

Nowadays, there are multiple treatments to beautify our body.  We wish we could turn our body, but, sometimes significant weight loss leaves loose skin.  For this reason, there are treatments and procedures for body contouring. This treatment can help to refine your new body shape. But, what is a body contouring treatment?

Everything you need to know about body contouring

Body contouring is a procedure to improve the appearance of body when someone loses a lot of weight.This type of procedure may include the removal of excess skin in the abdomen . Also, it can refer to liposuction and body lifts.  For its part, a breast lift or augmentation helps restore the shape of the breasts. Also,  it can remove excess fat and sagging skin.

Types of body contouring can you find in a Spa in Chicago


Liposuction is a procedure to eliminate localized fat that do not  disappear with diet or exercise. Generally, this procedure requires general anesthesia. Among other treatments are : 

This process  achieves the desired contour after a representative weight loss. It becomes necessary when there is excess of skin in areas where the results of liposuction are not enough. These treatments include:

  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck
  • Breast lift, reduction or augmentation
  • Stretching of arms.
  • Butt Lift
  • Circumferential body lift
  • Inner thigh lift
  • Panniculectomy

The recovery

General anesthesia is often needed.  Also, it may require at least an overnight stay after body contouring procedures. You need to be aware of the major risks of surgery such as scarring or asymmetry.

In some cases,  people will need surgical drains to remove excess fluid or blood.  Your doctor may ask you to wear a compression garment for the first few weeks.

In the case of physical discomfort, it may last up to 4 weeks. Full recovery may take several months.

In general, body contouring procedures vary from individual to individual. Revision surgery may be necessary to address complications or achieve desired results.

When having any kind of treatment, remember to attend professional palces. It is necesary that the places has all health certificates.