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What Is Facial Cleansing?

What Is Facial Cleansing?

Facial cleansing is part of an essential routine that you must carry out to maintain facial skin hygiene. Let’s see in this post what is a facial cleansing and how it is applied. Keep on reading!

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What is Facial Cleansing?

Facial cleansing is more than just splashing water on your face and blotting it with a towel. Cleansing is about thoroughly cleansing, moisturizing, and photoprotecting the skin. It helps remove traces of dirt, makeup, sebum, pollution, and dead skin cells.
A deep cleansing facial can do amazing things for your skin. A routine facial cleanses should be done in the morning and evening. However, it is also a good idea to have a professional cleansing once a month. And complement it with a facial treatment to dramatically improve the appearance of your face.

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What is used for a facial cleansing?

It is important to go to specialized centers that you can trust as Elite Chicago Spa. This is because we have the best aesthetic products on the market. Our team of professionals will be in charge of applying lotions, creams, and cleansers. This is suitable for all skin types, which will guarantee the best results.
As for the techniques used. The diamond glow facial in Chicago is one of the fastest and most effective methods that exist. Its purpose is to rejuvenate the complexion. It is a treatment based on Microdermabrasion or Microderm whose objective is to exfoliate the skin and eliminate dead cells.
In addition to using highly effective products to clean pores, masks are used to intensify the cleansing action. Resulting in greater nutrition and luminosity. Their effects are immediate, and your skin will look radiant all day long.
In addition, it is also possible to complement facial cleansing with exceptional treatment. As a result, eliminate skin blemishes. For example, a dermaplane with peel in Chicago of the latest generation. This can be perfect to give back to the face the freshness and vitality lost over time. Remember that facial peeling is a perfect treatment to eliminate the dirt accumulated in the pores. As well as to renew the skin by removing dead skin.
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Benefits of a professional facial cleansing

Removes dead skin and other impurities precisely. Ordinary cleansers work on the outside. But professional cleansers go deep into the skin to remove impurities and prevent problems such as acne. In addition, professionals will use specific cleansers and the best products to moisturize the skin and get the most out of it.

Delay aging by using special creams and products with powerful agents. As a result, it boosts the effects of collagen in the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, and gives it more radiance.

It allows the skin to oxygenate. When the pores are closed, the skin cannot breathe, something it needs to do to regenerate itself every night. Once oxygenation takes place, the natural regeneration process allows the skin to repair itself.

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