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What to do after quarantine?

It is hard to imagine what to do after quarantine. One of the things we’re doing the most during quarantine is plans. What will happen when the containment measures are lifted? But, the day after quarantine probably won’t be the way we imagine it. The fight against COVID-19 is a long-term race. So, our survival depends on our ability to adapt. Here are some of the things we all want to do when this is all over.

What to do after quarantine


Visit our loved-ones

We all crave human connection, even more now that we haven’t seen our loved ones in a while. Don’t we all miss someone? And we all long to get back to the freedom we enjoyed in the “before times.” In addition to craving physical contact, we miss in-person visits with our loved ones. Then, when this is over, we’ll be happy to see them again. However, for people who are in high-risk groups, keeping a healthy distance may still be the best way to keep them safe. That’s something you and your family will need to carefully evaluate.


Staying Healthy

It’s normal to cut corners when engaging in everyday activities, especially when you’re comfortable with the task. But to avoid putting yourself and your family at risk during the coronavirus disease quarantine, examine your habits to make sure you’re not cutting corners on your health. Remeber to drink water, exercise and have a balanced diet. Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to your habits during this time is to avoid spreading germs. So… social distancing is still very important.


Take precautions even if the quarantine is over

Is it safe to return to our daily life after coronavirusWhen can we stop wearing masks? When can we travel again? Well, no one really know when this will be over, but one thing is for sure: you must respect the protocols. Expect that some shopping and socializing experiences won’t go back to normal for some time. So, don’t toss out those face masks. Also, it is not recommendable to plan a vacation right now. If a recurrence were to happen, the last thing you want is the stress of finding yourself quarantined in an unfamiliar country, without a clear or quick way home. 


We don’t know how much longer lockdown restrictions will be in place, but we hope you get to hug your people, drink a beer with friends and have a dinner party before too long. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more tips from our medical spa in chicago on what to do after quarantine. And in case you need a massage to forget about the situation, our Massage Spa in Chicago is here for you. Maybe it is time for a deep tissue massage in chicago.